Before I discuss spelling, I have a Bree-quest re: ridiculous Dog Names. Please, hoomans, take care when naming your woofer. It will be his/her forever name, unless, as I am sometimes called, you want to be yelling,
“Hey Y-O-U! Stop That!”

Think about the dog park or public places you may be calling us. You don’t want us to be Bree-barrassed.
So when you think it is funny to name your huge dog, a Great Dane or such,
“TINY”, it is not.

Or should you have a small breed, like a Tiny Terror (terrier), naming the little pup “Monster” or “Brutus” or  “Godzilla” may be amusing to you, butt I pupsure you, it is not to your woofer.

“His nickname is 4 pounds of fury!”

You can name your own children odd weird names but please leaf us out of your Hooman-humor! And don’t forget, your children will also be called these names, in the Hooman dog park, AKA, kindergarten!
“Riverforest… can you please tell the class what 5&5 is?”

So as I spy on Forever Family, and see what they are pup to, I wait and listen carefully. I wanna hear words like “wanna” as in ” wanna go for a walk “? Or go-fer, like the gopher Hanimal you chase, but again meaning go for something good.

We are not talking about any Very Unpleasant trips to the V-E-T or other undesirable destinations,
Shudder and Shake!

We are talking about the good stuff!
Most of the time when someone comes to the door, we are allowed
and encouraged to bark. Until one of them says,” It is OK” or ” It is safe.”
That is our Very Pup-portant job!
Most of the time when they open the front door, it is good. It often means WE are going o-u-t-!

Or it is a Visitor, or Delivery Person coming i-n, with Nice Things like flowers, or Interesting Boxes. We are, as I said, allowed to announce arrivals, but often, because it is fun to bark, we run away and hide and continue to Bark! Bark Bark! Hahaha come g-e-t me!

So I listen. The Other One taught me how to             S-P-E-L-L, and figure out what they are really saying.
WALK was way too easy! So the hoomans would use euphemisms like ambulate. The Other One figured that out, he is so S-M-A-R-T!

Then they tried foreign languages like “Andar” TOO got that too. Bueno mi Amiga Perro! Yo entiendo! Paw ha-ha!
So last was spelling. Don’t even try it be-paws as soon as we hear “W”
we nose! You may wanna avoid phrases with “Wanna” in them too.

Tip of the Tail: yes we can
S-P-E-L-L! P-A-W haha!

So even as they try and keep an upcoming walk secret, so we don’t go pup-crazy, get a case of the “Zoomies ” and run around the house barking and giving MusicMama a headache, we nose.
Please see entry: THE ZOOMIES

I can’t give away our secrets of how we nose, butt we do! It might be the
sound of the sliding door to where the shoes are hiding, or the whispers, or the fur-tive looks…

Or it could be the song
Musicmama wrote and used to sing,
called the “Woofer Walking Song ”
Sorry MM, it is hard to keep a secret, especially with lyrics like:
” Now it’s time to Go Fer a Walk”
And when you say “shoes” we nose it is 2 minutes to clanking leashes. Oh boy!          Let’s go girl!

So, wanna G-O for a      W-A-L K?
We can spell ya nose!

And one more Bree-quest:
Get outside today and go fer a walk!
Or have someone walk you!

❤ B-R-E-E

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Thank you so very much.
      Your kind words make me and my Musicmama so tail wagging
      happy! Comments like yours are why we do this blog…
      So you can be tail wagging happy too! THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. What are these rings you speak of? I don’t even have a boyfriend, so will not be engaged anytime soon!

    1. Thank you so much for liking us enough to recommend us for a contest for best blog! Can you tell us how we would submit my doggie blog?

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