The ZOOMIES AKA: HOOMAN ZOOMAN be-paws you guys get them too!

DorsalDad will occasionally get these bizzare bursts of energy, the Hooman Zoomies. In Wooferworld, the Zoomies are when you go pup-crazy and run around the house or yard as if possessed and you can’t stop until you wear yourself out, and Stop and Drop! We don’t pup-understand why.

Click here for video!

DD will, out of nowhere, Bree-cide to take on a project and go at it with crazed intensity, and a mad gleam in his eyes. We nose it is the Zoomies!

This morning, it was the poor garage, who never did anything to anybody, who was attacked with a fur-ocity that sent papers flying, and boxes of Stuff running to hide. His last Zoomie session was a closet, who never did anything to anybody to warrant such an invasion of search and seizure.

He emptied the entire closet, and when you peeked into the room to see what the furr-or was about, there were piles of everything piled 4 feet high all over the room! One wonders how it all fit into one closet!

A lot of the Stuff is DD’s as he works from home now most of the time, when he is not in court or, ” in jail”!

Paw-haha. I still think it is funny when MusicMama asks, “Where are you?”and he answers, “In jail”  Meaning he is visiting one of his naught clients, but it sounds funny!

So he has file boxes from “alleged” naughty clients going back years, all stacked on top of each other. MM can’t even put clothes in that closet, where is pup-posed to be where clothes go, isn’t it?

I have heard that other Hoomans use an attic for storage, but we don’t go up There, shudder and shake!

Or a basement. In California, where we live, no one I nose has a basement. What does a base meant mean anyway? I heard a few of our cousins who live in the Midwest, had to go “Shelter” in one during a tornado! As they retell the tail, the mom “forgot” her new baby pup upstairs! I spose 2 out of 3 is still OK.

But, #3 says 3 out of 3 would have been better! For her! Paw-haha!

I Bree-lieve these basement thingys should come with a lot of treats in there, to chew on, Munch and Crunch! Claw to Maw, Paw to Jaw and repeat as Bree-needed!

These are the ZOOMIE eyes. The first sign that a Zoomie episode is imminent.

Today’s Bree-quest: If you get the “ZOOMIES”, would you like to come over to our house and re organize MM’s kitchen cabinets?

Bree-loha! 🐶👀

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  1. We will be adding a new post to my blog, that will be photos only of all my woofy friends.
    The ones I nose, and our new Facebook buddies. Wait until you see the orange Pomeranian,
    nick name, 4 pounds of fury!
    Coming soon!
    So please send us your best photo of your woofer, so we can add him/her/them! No cat critters need apply! We do Bree-preciate
    their cat-attitude, but not with our woofer only post.
    We want to be inclusive of all

  2. I’ve seen dogs get their zoo is on too! Running around gathering their toys into a pile. This made me laugh to think DD actually impressed Bree with his activity. Fun!

  3. From FF Kaiser ophthalmologist:
    ” you should bring those dogs in for an eye 👀 check up.
    Although it is quite amusing to see the ZOOMIE eyes, there may be an issue best diagnosed with a check up. We will offer at 2 for 1 deal on billing.” 😀

    1. Paw-haha!
      We will offer you a 2 for 1
      ZOOMIE session if you bring free sunglasses for the “Other One”

    1. How did you make it out Ms Cheri?
      If I were there, I would have barked until they remembered to go back and get you! WOOOF!
      #3 is missing! WOOOOOOF

  4. Haha! Its sooo funny. Bree you make me laugh out loud. I never knew hoomans can also get zoomies like doggies. Fluffy is in almost permanent zoomie mode. She has two settings. Crazy and crazier! Lol. I’m more of a do things on my own time hooman. Hope Fluffy does not infect me with the zoomie virus. Tell mama I emailed her the story. I’ll hang out on your blog and laugh some more. Lol

    Renza hooman

    1. Thank you for paw haha laughing Ms. Renza ! I am Bree- lighted that you enjoyed my ZOOMIE session.
      I do it all day, every day.

      Up the stairs, down the stairs, in the pool, around the pool, if my hoomans throw a toy, I chase the toy, it goes on and on.

      The poor Other One Buddy, he is is 9,, which is older for a sheltie, doesn’t get the ZOOMIES anymore. He just watches and sighs. But look out! Your Fluffy can infect you! Just like I did DD! 😱😂

      1. Lol! Buffy turned 9 last month and Fluffy already infected him with the zoomie virus. I see when Snowy gets near Fluff he also shows symptoms. This is serious! Lol. I sometimes go a little crazy too when she’s near me. I just didn’t think much of it. We’re all doomed! Soon we’ll have permanent zoomies!!

        1. Oh No! It looks like I missed your last comment from September!
          Sorry, the notification system doesn’t work so I would have to check every entry, even the older ones, every day so I don’t miss out on grrr-eat comments like yours.
          I like thinking of Zoomies as a virus.
          Paw haha! 😀.
          Mama is going to try to contact you be-paws we heard on the TV 📺 Magic Box you have a serious drought situation where you live.
          We wish you the best! Keep Buffy and Fluffy’s water bowls full. And,
          come see the latest entry, I HAD A DOGGIE DREAM! All puppy ❤️!

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