Aloha my hoaloha! (Friends)

I wonder why there are so many Odd things hoomans do. Mama will occasionally check her wrist to see what time it is, but she doesn’t have her watch on. Just out of habit. We seem to bree critters of habit.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,  let’s Shake It Up Pup!

Groundhog Day syndrome to me is fascinating. What if we br-eally could do it over until we get it right? And try new ways to do it. See my entry: “Don’t Let It Become A Thing” for more.




Hoomans, woofers, other critters and nature all have routines.

A well planned schedule is a must for busy worker bee 🐝 hoomans.

But, what if we all try to switch up some of our simple daily routines? I don’t think utter chaos would occur if we did some minor changes.

Do you paw-lways get out of bed on the same side? Even if you have to maneuver over your sleeping buddy, what if you got out on the other side?

Do you brush your teeth the same way everytime?  Buy a new toothbrush or start on the opposite teeth. While looking in the mirror and seeing how special you are.

Even with toothpaste on your maw!

Green tea instead of coffee one morning?

Walk the same route or street? Go the other way. Right instead of left? But don’t get lost! Or bree late to work. The Other One and I love walks! (See “We Can Spell Ya Nose”’entry) but I still have to wait. (See #30, Home From Hospital)

How do you put on your shoes 👞? Is it always the same way? I am lucky I don’t  have to wear shoes , be-paws I would need 4!

Sometimes I think we don’t even notice these small things we do. Should we pay more attention to the little things?

Unfortunately, there are things we can not change. I love the Serenity prayer. Simple truth. 🙏🏼💪🏻 but we can change others.

While so much in the Big is World 🌎 seems beyond our control,  so much in our own little world is. Control is one of those words that can have negative *connotations. Thanks Musicmama for my new word of the day! There’s something.

Learn one new word a day! It keeps your brain young. And you get smarter! Or other people think you are.

Or daily learn a phrase in another language.

Buenos Dias mis amigos.

Happy New Year is “Hau‘oli makahiki hou”

Take an art class. I could get into some paw painting. I thought the mud I tracked in from the rain the other day made pretty patterns. Forever Family did not agree and erased them. 🐾

Try a music lesson? There are so many instruments around here, I wish I could play guitar. Here’s The Other One, he got a piano lesson.

And sing, sing, sing! Try singing it instead of saying it. Like, “Who Let the Dogs Out! 😂  or,

“Don’t forget your lunch” 🎼 munch munch!


“ Make sure you give Bree and the Other One extra treats la la la!” Hahaha. I can’t leave post it notes like Musicmama does. And the Fur/ever Family ignores them.

Musicmama has songs for everything we do. The Walking Song, (see We Can S-p-E-L-L Ya Nose) the Feeder Song, Having a Wooferfull Day. She can write weird songs for everything! Her poor children grew up with crazy tunes for daily minutiae.

All things to experiment with and try new experiences to shake things up.

And when you feel sad or depressed.

shake it off! Have you watched your woofer, or a neighbor’s come in from the rain 🌧?  Or a swim? We shake our furry selves to get the water off!  We may still be wet, and you may still bree sad, but shake it! WE think we are dry!

Our thoughts are power-full!

“ … for they do create us” ( mama’s song, UNIVERSE

DIVINE. On entry, “ a Gift for Amy”)

Dance 💃🏿! Even just a few side to side pup shuffles. Move! Bree-eathe! Think of something that makes you happy 😃.

Tell someone you love them and make them happy!

I also hear with my spy ears that volunteering can get you out of your problems by helping someone else .

Like reading books to Hooman pups at the library. Especially if you can do silly voices!

Visiting some older people at a Care Facility where they may not have many visitors and you could Bree-ly make their day, or week.

Not just on Holidays, but any day can probably use some extra paws to serve meals at Hooman shelters. Or Meals On Wheels.

Of course, there are paw-lways  Woofer Motel Shelters that need help with the pups staying there. But ⚠ warning ! You might want to take everyone home. And, it is emotional, so not fur everyone.

If you have a special talent to share, grr-eat! Like my mama did teaching music classes. I still laugh at the thought of my germaphobic mama with 35 6 year olds!

Musicmama is in the back row with regular teacher, Mr. Lites. These are the 2nd graders performing one of mama”s songs for the school recital. You can click on photo for full view.

Then, eeeeew, but there are usually trash pick up day events you can participate in even without an orange outfit. Mama always picks up other people’s trash yuck, but we should do our own at least.  I am guilty of leaving some of mine on the lawn. Ooops. Not mentioned there, but see entry: I Nose I Can Be Naughty!

Be a mentor. There are Programs for kids who need some guidance or some one just to listen and be a friend.

Mama was a “candy striper” at 15 for her first volunteer job. It is being a nurses’ assistant, and those hard working nurses could always use some extra help. And in my pup-inion, more pay!

There are lots of options depending on your community, where service is needed.

And, a benefit is how good YOU feel!

Turn your heart light 🌟on, and see what happens.

If you can afford to donate to a charity , paw-lease do. I wrote in one of my blog entries how to get kids involved in giving too. Couch surfing is more fun than chores, paw-haha! And if you are one who needs help, I hope you will reach out and some kind person can help you.

I could keep you company if you have treats and a plane ✈️ ticket to your house.

Thank you to all the hoomans who give so much to their families, communities, churches and life. And paw-lease don’t forget to give to yourself. You are the beginning of the new day! We can’t give back if we are running on empty. So fill your ears with music you enjoy. Soothe your soul with a walk in nature. Replenish with good food, rest and “ME time”

Me time is not selfish, it is necessary. Treat your mind to a good book. Free your imagination with seeing your dreams come true. And fill your heart with love!

I am still just a pup, and had my 4th birthday just recently. So I am not a paw-authority on how to live, and my intention is not to tell you older and wiser hoaloha, friends, how to either. These are just some Tips of the Tail I am learning and hopefully in sharing, you have a more bree-u-tiful day. And so will the people you touch with your actions and your heart ❤️!

Shake it up pup!


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