We have a new pup-neighbor next door! I hope I get to greet her and exchange kissy sniffys soon. She is very cute, very little but with big paws so you nose she will get bigger. Her name is Pepper, so pass the salt hahaha! She will likely hear that again.

Musicmom met Pepper yesterday, so far, I have only seen her from my favorite spot in our house. It is my own special pup-perch on top of the sofa right by the front window where I can see and bark at the neighborhood. I can see all the Hooman be-ings and do-ings. and coming and goings. If you read my previous bloggies, you have seen me spying from my window seat and know about my spy spot.

And I can see all the other neighbor-woofers who are taking their hoomans for a walk.

I am like one of those crazy old hooman ladies who spy on their neighbors with glee. And those COLs have often been known to go outside and yell at children to:
“Get Off My Lawn You Kids!”
Or even call the Paw-leese on people perpetrators of innocuous activity.

I would never do that but I nose a lot about the Human-Hood!

I have to brees careful about barking too much, but I don’t do it as much as The Other One, whose Sheltie breed was bred to herd and bark.
Be-paws if I do, Musicmama  gives me a lecture about too much barking.

Then she will, Oh No, close the shades so I can’t see out.

Butt in that case, I just go to one of my Other Favorite Spots where I can enjoy CNN news, or if  my DorsalDad is watching, I can watch any sports games with him on the couch even, that are in season. There is always a sports game to watch. He likes UCLA, his Paw-lmamater , and the Cubs, which from the recent celebrations around here, finally WON!!! And the Lakers, and the Kings! And really, any sport game.

DorsalDad is from Chigago, where he and his litter mate were born.

Musicmom likes Ice Skating
be-paws, she used to figure skate.

DD thinks that is boring.

And since I started to write this, a while back as you can tell from Cubs win, that Pepper got bigger! And louder. She barks more than Buddy, ” The Other One” And he barks when a leaf falls off the tree.

When she barks, because she lives next door, we hear her and then we bark back. Poor MM! If you saw my previous post, ” DON’T LET IT BECOME A THING”,

you know Musicmama does not like noise. Especially barking! So she is not happy with Pepper, salt or either of us. MM, remember when Emi told you we are barking for a reason?

MM says we just bark be-paws we like to woooof. Or annoy her. OK, that may be true. But we are also expected to bark to alert you to incoming traffic.
And sometimes, we are just talking to each other. “Woof! How YOU doin’?”
So what do you want us to do?

We are dogs, ya nose.

TOO had/has a crush on a neighborhood woofer that we see when we go for our walks! See entry, “WE CAN SPELL YOU NOSE”
He nose when we are close to Nike’s house. He will start to pull on the
leash and get very excited. For 2 years, we all thought Nike was a girl.
Until recently. I won’t disclose how, but we discovered she is a he!

Paw haha!

We have lots of woofers in the hood.
MM, DD , Q of U, and Bear have all rescued some. Bear found a

Bree-u-tiful Sheba Inu just running in the middle of a busy street, caught her and brought her home. She was so covered in dirt, you couldn’t even tell what color she was until Bear gave her a nice bath. Sparkly white!

They put signs up with her picture and description all over the hood, the way it is recommended to do.
How they found the owner was by taking, as MM called her, the Shamu

Shamits to the vet. She had a chip implanted. So they found her owner.

Tip of the Tail: if you find a stray/lost woofer, check if they have a chip. All the information on the owner is on it. And, have one implanted on your pet, in case yours gets lost. It doesn’t hurt. I have one and so does TOO. Of course, I would not run away. I have a good thing going here!


DD found a 2 for 1 rescue during a storm. Apparently, those 2 got

scurred and got out. They ran for over 2 miles before DD found them sheltering in our open garage.

MM is always telling the family to close the garage door when you come home, but this time be-paws “someone” forgot again, the run away
woofers found a dry place.

And again, they were returned home safe and sound, just a little wet.

MM and Q of U have done the most rescues. They have even done a few together. MM’s most dramatic was chasing one run away on her bike, and somehow managed to save him from the mean streets.

Q of U wants to keep them all.

She is a hound hoarder and should have a farm full of critters! She has literally thousands of pictures of pups. And pigs. And cats, oh my!

MM gives her mama Nona credit for her rescue magnet gene. Woofers actually come to MM! Her mama also rescued pups and others so she learned early. Her family of origin,
the Larky litter, had Scotties as Nona’s stepmom was a breeder.

Otherwise, we recommend rescues.

And MM’s father, Geo,had a Scottie named Angus who would go with him to graduate classes and was given an honorary pup PH.D when Geo got his PH.D. In math of all things! Geo loved that dog! And back in his day, they paw-lowed a student to bring their woofer to class! I ‘d like to go to college. I hear they have some fun parties there with treats.






Now, you are only allowed to bring your woofer if he/she is a service dog. I think we should have all access to where our hoomans go.

This is a photo of a baby service dog to be. MM met his dad on Facebook,

where very nice people contributed so he could get a service woofer, which he needs. It is one of the many ways we can help our hoomans.

PI meant one thing to those math people, and pie means, Nom Nom!

Time to eat! To the rest of us, it’s a Pie Festivus!  Q of U is a talented baker, everything from scratch and makes the best apple pie! I only nose from the crumbles that fall on the floor. They don’t offer us the good stuff, but that kitchen floor is clean!

So Bree-quest today is:
Chips! Dips! Share! And Care!
Share meaning, that little face looking up at you as you are making pies,

or other treats, give it a taste!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


      1. Ha! We found a photo of Angus and Musicmama’s dad, math whiz Geo, so you can see them now. There was a lot of love 💗 between those two!
        Now they can do math together over the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. Mama misses her dad. That’s one reason I like to post photos! A moment in time can live forever in an image in your mind!
        Bree-loha! 🐶❤️⭐️

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  3. Very clever! My favorite line…”he even barks when a leaf falls.” Ah, I have known pups,like that! 🙂

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