Cats are in their own Cat-egory of Be-ingness. They are simply above it all with their superior Cat-ittudes and apparent non-chalance. YAWN! ” I don’t care, just fetch me some fresh tuna. Oh, and by the way, you might want to add some new kitty litter to my box, slave hooman. I am going to feline recline for a few hours. I will let you know when I need to feed again. Oh, there’s a mouse in the attic. You might want to check it. 🐭

We pups are supposed to chase them, but why bother? They always get away anyway p-up some tree, or under a car.

Hey silly cat!
Hiding under a car isn’t really such a great idea, is it? Paw-hahaha!

So I shall Bree-leave the entire subject of cat critters, to cat ladies and other feline ruffers who “get” a cat. Or 9! You guys understand 😻 we pups don’t understand cats!

But these clowns seem to Bree of concern lately. It doesn’t help that some dopey bank robbers dressed as clowns to disguise themselves while perpetrating their crime. Obviously, if you worked hard to put your money in the bank, no one else should take it out. Clowns seem to be an atavistic fear. Shared by Hoomans everywhere. Unless you like them! Do you like clowns?

DorsalDad collects these clown critters, and be-paws Musicmom does not Bree-preciate them, DD
keeps them all in a showcase off the beaten track of visitors views.
I can only Bree-magine what horrible clown-tivities go on in there!
Shudder and shake! I would love to meet the first guy whoever dressed up like a clown and started clownery in the beg-ginning! What was he/she
thinking? This will be funny?

DD has Lladro clowns that stare at you and then look away. They all try to look innocent and Bree-nign, but you nose they are waiting to wreak clown havoc the minute you leave the room.

Yes, this is a little cat who Bree-sprires to be a tiger. When I was a little pup and used to chew up all the family’s Bree-licious stuff, one of my favorites to bree-viscerate, was this stuffed clown who was always mocking me. Unfortunately for him, he was within Paw-reach for Maw chomping!
Paw-haha, you are not so funny now all chewed up into colorful little bits of clown-foolery, are you?

Please see previous entry re: Bree-licious chewed up stuff. Nom noms!

Ooops! This cat toy jumped into my maw by accident!

Bree-quest for today:
Be kind to each other, cat or clown! Mice or men.

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. From our tech helper Mr. Ryan
    who set up my dog blog.
    I said thank you for helping us! He said:
    “You’re very welcome. Absolutely, very cute blog!”
    So thank you again!

  2. It is widely known that dogs have families and cats have staff. I will say that my greatest cat adventure was flying my wee tiger Hobbes from MKE to LAX and on to Chatsworth and Big Bear. He was a bruiser Tom of the old school and lost his life in battle to an Owl while rock climbing in the hills above Big Bear Lake. He was notorious for hikes, climbs, fights with dogs and raccoons. A true connoisseur of mayhem. Clowning around was, for him, second nature.

    1. Mr. Hobbes sounds like he was one tough cat! I think I could actually like cats if I knew him. I don’t think he would have fought with me though. Be-paws I would have given him tasty treats.
      And he could have chased the scary raccoons away from our yard. I am sorry he went on to another of his 9 lives before I was born. I could have helped him in battle! Grrrr!
      Look out owls!
      Here comes Bree and Mr. Hobbes!

        1. Just me. His concierge, butler, coachman, guide, rescuer, fish monger, you know; the usual deal. He would bring me rabbit heads as macabre gifts as emblems of his power and influence.

  3. 😱 OH NO!
    Rabbit heads? 🐰🐇
    Poor little bunnies!
    Bad boy Mr. Hobbes.
    I don’t think I would have liked that.
    But can we hire you Mr. Mark for concierge, butler and other services?

  4. We would be happy to help with any cat rescues, or woofers. But this is the the Cats and Clowns section, so if you need help,
    please contact us in a comment and we can post any pictures of kitties and woofers who need homes, with your information.
    Good luck to hooman rescue helpers! And thank you for caring about us!

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