Compared to hoomans, my schedule is fairly simple. Sleep, Eat, Bark, Sleep, Bark, Eat. And bark!

And play time, please see “We can Spell Ya Nose” for walking. Up for a walk anyone? Or, here is the tennis ball. Tennis anyone? Pup style, you throw the ball, I chase it and maybe, bring it back!

Maybe The ZOOMIES on the stairs or around the house, but since my back leg was injured the Forever Family doesn’t want me running around too much. What is a pup to do, have MIND ZOOMIES? That’s not fun. See entry the ZOOMIES video. You will see how fast I am.

Then I have to spend some time spying on FF, and taking notes for my blog. And of course bark out the window from my spy perch at the neighborhood to keep everything under control. Woof! When Musicmama is home she said she has heard enough barking “for a lifetime.” Oh no! The shades are going down. What is a pup to do?

I am helping you ya nose! It is my job!

When I wake up I have to do a house check to see who is here, who is sleeping, who is at work and who might have tasty food going in the kitchen. Please drop on the floor tasty treats. Just jump down, I will catch you in my little maw! BACON!

I want bacon! Oh Bear, why did you Bree-come a vegetarian?

It was Bears birthday yesterday so Princess Bear was here. When I check Dorsaldad, he has usually already left for work. But if he is working from home, I am always welcome to snuggle. Voir dire, anyone? Closing arguments Sometimes I help, I am a


And Queen of the Universe has a predictable 9-5 schedule, so I know when she leaves. And returns to me.

The wonderful thing is, they all fight over who gets to sleep with me!
I am on a rotating schedule of the 3 beds. MM and DD get me one night,

Q of U gets night #2, and on #3, Bear gets me!

I have heard a few times: ” No! It’s MY night! You had her last night!”
Paw haha. MM made a calendar for my sleep schedule. I am a cuddle

monster so I don’t care whose arm or tummy my head is on. Although, I must say they all snore, but so do I.

Snuggle Buggle – Mother’s Heartlight Band


I enjoy being so pup-ular and wanted. Now you may wonder about The Other One. He is almost 10 now and set in his ways. He prefers the floor next to a bed, preferably Q of U’s as he is technically her woofer. He also likes his “house”. A large crate set up with pillows and is quite comfortable. I nose be-paws I went in there to sniff it out… once! He did not want me in there! “Chill, dude!” I have my own arrangements.

I love this FF! I am so lucky to have been adopted and chosen by them.

They love me, and TOO, and that is how it should be between man/woman and their best friend. I would to anything for them. Well, almost.

Now there is a new TV show on called “Downward Dog” I think they took the idea from my blog, but it is OK, it is a fun show and that woofer talks too. He has a single mama and he spies on her too. You hoomans should be careful be-paws we are watching you! Although TV time is limited on my schedule, I am allowed to watch that show which is grrr-eat be paws CNN and sports and even video games can Bree-come boring.

If you are watching those shows, it means you are not playing with me! “Update: someone in charge at the TV 📺 Magic Box cancelled Downward Dog!!😢
May-bree I should have a TV show. I could just bree me. And Musicmama could coach me with acting since she was an actor and I would let her audition to be my co-star! ⭐ Don’t worry mama, you got this! “

So on my schedule, I would like to Bree-quest more walk and play time.
Q of U sits on the floor with us, tosses toys and is a grr-eat cuddler.
Bear gets me in what he calls the “Bear Trap” where I can’t get away.

He thinks it is sooo funny! And he sings me songs he writes for different occasions. He truly is MMs son. For feeder time, he has the Chompy Nommy song, my favorite.

And all kinds of songs with plays on my name like, 🎶 ” You are so

Bree-u-tiful to me” and, ” You lift me up where I Bree-long” Endless!

And I play “share the toy” with TOO. We take one toy and see who can get it. His teeth are too small, and I am bigger and stronger so I can ” get the toy” out of his little maw into mine anytime. But sometimes I have to let him win, or he would get pup-strated

and give p-up.  Sometimes after I grab it. I shake it in his furry face as he tries to regain control. Forget it, dude, I win!

We have a full basket of toys, so TOO could always go get another one. Most of them have been Bree-viscerated and the stuffing and squeakers have been Bree-moved! I know that 98.5% of woofers do this.

When the weather is warm, I LOVE to swim in the pool. I can do it for hours!

Again see entry, THE ZOOMIES, when the video clip starts, I had already been swimming for over 2 hours and still had the ZOOMIES!

” And I am not coming out! Come get me!”

They have to watch me or I will sneak in again. DD says it is too expensive to heat the pool in colder months,but I don’t care. I would go in no matter what temperature the water is. MM is the fussy one, she likes it warm.

You’d be surprised how we know when she is about to swim. Again,

like in entry, “WE CAN S-P-E-L-L YA NOSE, we nose! It could be the bathing suit and silly cap she wears, or the towels, but certainly by the first splash, pup-spisions confirmed! Woof!

When TOO was a puppy, and younger dog he used to chase MM around the pool as she did her laps. Shelties were bred to be herders, so he was just doing his job herding her, or as she said, hounding her. Be paws of the barking! He did not like it when her face was underwater, which was most of the time. He could tolerate the side stroke when he could see her face, but he got very pup-set with other swim techniques.

So he often had to go back in the house, so he didn’t annoy the neighbors, or be pup-supervised. But boy, could he run! Round and round! Go little Buddy! And never took his beady little eyes off MM until she was out of the pool and safe in a towel. I don’t bark. I just jump in! Pool anyone?

I did notice however, that although FF fights over who gets to sleep with me, nobody fights over who gets to clean the lawns! Paw haha. What’s a pup to do? That is where you taught us to go!

Last outdoor activity, besides playing soccer ball with Bear on a nice clean lawn, is: I like to eat bees! FF tries to stop me, as one time I was stung on my mouth. Owie! But it didn’t stop me. If they are anywhere I can get them, I will. I can’t help it! It is a pup-obsession. Paw-lease do not blame me for the decline of our bee population! That is on you hoomans!

Breequest: let’s protect our environment and Bree-u-tiful Planet Earth so we can all play on it together! I hope your schedule is organized, and you include plenty of rest, treats, and woofing time! BREE-LOHA! and love paw-lways!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Bree-tiful’s back leg was injured? Before or after FF?
    This was a fun …day in the life…report. I particularly enjoyed the FF fight to sleep with such a cuddler! I miss those cuddle-bug days.

    1. Thank you Denise. I pup-ssume
      Be-paws you signed up for email, you were the first to get my new entry. So that feature is working for you? We ruff your
      Pup-sup-port. Yes, my back leg is injured, I will Bree-port on developments.
      Did you hear the “Snuggle
      Buggle” song? And did you snuggle with your hooman pups? Or a cat? As I told that Mr. Michael fellow, husband of Ms. Sara, I am available to come visit and cuddle with you! Do have have treats? I usually require a Fur-st class plane ticket, but for you, I would travel coach. Thank you!

  2. Dear readers
    How is your schedule going?
    Life seems so busy these days! I hope you all take time to be with your loved ones. As I see in the news, life is short and so precious.
    We need to hold every moment close and live ALOHA!
    Please see definition of word on my entry ALOHA/BREELOHA if you haven’t yet. It is the way to live this gift of life. ⭐️🌈🌺❤️
    Bree-loha my friends!

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