“We are located in South Africa.

“Fluffy: Ruff! Step aside Bree! I’m taking over your blog!
Buffy: Woof! Hello Bree! I apologize on behalf of my sister. Don’t worry! The worst thing she can do is make you choke on her hair. It’s everywhere!! *cough cough*

Thank you for *cough* letting us visit your blog!

Fluffy wants to take over everything and Buffy is more layed back and mature.”

Koji San, he is 5 years old and mama is Julia.

This is the service dog to be!
He will be a hero!

“This is my boyfriend Dodger. It was his first boat ride”

This is before my haircut! I can’t see my dad!

Thank you dad! I can see now.
What a bree-utiful world!

” I am a lucky pup! Not only do I live in a penthouse with an ocean view with my dad Michael, who is my best friend, Bree is posting 5 photos of me! I am photogenic, thank you Bree! Come swimming with me!
There are also cute single pups here, but I just heard you got engaged.”

“My new friend is named Lucky by Gregg who said he was lucky 🍀 to meet him! We think he is adorable!”

“Shower time!”

Hooman dads are the best!

“Wanna play Bree?
I have lots of toys! And you can bring yours, if they are not too chewed up!”

I’m waiting for a bite of foodies please….
My name is Brandy, my mama is Sally but she calls me baby girl. That’s OK, as long as she calls me for treats!”

“My name is Melania and I look like my dad Frank. He is so handsome, so I must be pretty!”

I am the cutest! Is this a contest or just your friends , Bree?
I have been told I have pretty eyes, windows to my soul!
But my paws seem big. Do you think I will grow into them?

” Oh no! Brandy has the “ZOOMIE EYES!”
Check out the Zoomies!! ->
” Hey Brandy! Come and play with us! You have the ZOOMIE eyes too!
Let’s go baby girl!”

I am the softest fur

“My name is Xayda, my mama is Autumn and I love to travel!”

Hi Bree! I just had my hair done

I like to read. I may be the most well read of your friends. Glasses are cool!

This is Ronn Stinson and his woofer Rusty.
Dad says that Rusty has been a wonderful energy in his life for 10 years, and he is the heartbeat at his feet! This is Rusty’s birthday and his gift is a trip to the groomers, and a lot of love! 🐶❤”

“This is mama Nellie with her woofer
Jess. She takes Jess to the dog park several times a week!
Good mama, lucky pup”


” I’m Mac and I was featured in a previous blog, on what NOT  to name your woofers. My name is not ” TINY” and You can ride me for treats!”

“Hey Ms Bree! WUS UP pup?
We can both look cool in our shades”

” My mama loves me, but I love her more!”

“This is music mama’s first dog Sundance. Circa 1968.
Before mama could have her spayed, as mama was only 16 herself, Sundance had 2 fathers for this large litter! Yes, it is possible to have 2.
The one baby daddy is on the far right in photo. They were very lucky to find homes for all the pups. But this is why you spay and neuter your rescue pups! There are way too many even if you hoomans all adopted one,
so please be responsible!
Musicmama also helped Sundance with her delivery. So all 12 survived.

The person she was staying with for job of feeding and exercising horses believed dogs should be outside.
It was a cold night so MM brought Sumdance in to deliver her pups, and talked boss/landlord into letting her keep all newborns and mama Sundance inside in her room.
There will be another cute photo of all in my blog.

Again, it may look cute, or you want your female woofer to have the birth experience, PLEASE don’t!
There are way too many unwanted pups and shelters are not the answer.
These are way too full, and I do not want to tell you what happens to millions of dogs and cats. You know, or do research on subject. This is for families. Grr-eat job young mama on finding homes for everyone.

She did it again when she went to a local shelter, and came back with the mama and 13 pups someone just heartlessly dropped off there. That is not the solution, nor is leaving them in boxes on a park, dropping them off on the wilderness, or other irresponsible methods.
Woofers are our children and we are responsible for their well being.

Don’t make it some kind-hearted person who will adopt, YOUR responsibility to take care of. PLEASE! Thank you.

No, I did not just get out of puppy jail, so no jokes please! Stripes are quite fashionable this year. Or anytime.
Bree, you would look good in stripes!

” Nick name: 4 pounds of fury!”

“My face may fit in your hand now, but based on my paw size, might be too big to fit soon, so you can pet me! Or offer treats, hooman parents !
Hands are very important to us, so please use yours for treating, petting, loving. Never use your hands in anger or disciplines.  Thank you hooman moms and dads. There are other more loving and effective ways to train your pup. Positive reinforcement and praise when we “get” what you want. Our most important goal is to please you! ALOHA Bree!
And thank you for posting all your friends and captions. I hope a lot of hoomans visit your blog, see the captions with each of our woofer friends photos, and
Bree- N Joy all your photography!
Love from Anonymous Friend!

“See Bree? Kitties make good cuddle

If you notice, I have my tags on! I’m  covered if I should get lost, Please have proper tags on your woofers, with All I identifying information . Someday we may need it if we are ever separated.


“This is Sophie and Maddie. They are my next door neighbors in Big Bear,
They are always on patrol to watch our houses here! Mom and dad are
Frank and Karen. Rest in Peace our Bree-u/tiful Maddie girl! She went to Woofer Heaven on October 2, 2017.”

She is now chasing squirrels and getting lots of treats. Her family, friends and her sister Sophie will miss her lots! She was a really good girl”
She has trained them so well!
It is a pleasure to walk with them. They really listen and behave!
Now Musicmama, don’tgo getting of her training ideas! 😱😂”My boyfriend Dodger at Halloween

“Bears rescue! A Bree-utiful Sheba Inu he found running in the middle of a busy street about to be hit by cars. He pulled his car over and saved her. Amazing rescue Bear! Although when we found the family, they did not seem to care much. I wish we had kept her. That breed needs a lot of exercise and special care. The owner seemed to be more concerned she was a status symbol of their wealth. It took all my patience to keep from running back out the door with that Bree-utiful dog who was in desperate need of love and attention.
But we did what we are supposed to do with a rescue… Return them to their owners”

Buddy’s piano lesson with Bear

” This is one of my yachting friends.

Ahoy Captain! And no hot dogs at barbecue tonight please! ” 😱

Born Free
Bree-enjoying my run!

“From Bree: sorry dude you are BUSTED By the hooman paw-lease!
Paw Paw Po-Po!
See my  photo here on blog. I was just sniffing a flower pot and all this dirt just started jumping out!

Will they go for that, or am I BUSTED too?”

Shall we go for a walk?

Or should I ride you?

OK, Brutus, time for a walk or do I ride you? Paw haha! Or are you attempting to nip my shoe? They obviously did not read entry with caution on naming your woofers!

“My name is Aminia, which means faithful. My mama is Teresa.”

“Joe Garcia carried his dog, Heidi, from his flooded home in Spring, Tex., on Monday. DAVID J. PHILLIP / ASSOCIATED PRESS”

Credit to the Internet. Hope it is OK to post here again. It is such a grr-eat image and caption.
Some of these I have posted Bree-fore, but  most are new, waiting for your view! We may add a contest at end. But how do you choose the cutest when they are all cute?

“Hi Bree! Thank you for including me with your photo entry , 🐶🌹”

“My mom likes to dress me up.
I don’t mind, I have received compliments on our fashion sense ”

“Just plain cute! Looking for a boyfriend. Any one single?”

“Happy Birthday to my bro Buddy!
My favorite woofer. He taught me all the naughty things to do.
I love him!”

Me and Matt, my wingman!
He protects me and he is cute!
Currently attending University in England for his Masters Degree.
He also worked in the Peace Corp for 2 years. I love you Matty!
And so does my family! ❤💪🏻

This is the family’s beloved Jessie girl. I have written about her in my blog. She was a rescue woofer who lived to 16 wooferful years.
She saw the hooman children through their teenage years, and the family adored her. She was mostly Musicmama’s dog. Although technically a family dog. I am the rescue woofer they adopted after Ms.
Jessie passed to woofer heaven.
RIP sweet girl!

All this dirt came flying out and I had to investigate why!
Musicmama said I have to include me being naughty! Busted! You can find my full entry on my blog: I NOSE I CAN BE NAUGHTY. But it is so much fun! Do not try this at your house,
Paw haha!

This is Lorries beloved fur babies!
Lily is 3 and 1/2, and Ranger, the Golden Retriever is 10. They look happy with mama!

“This is my best forever friend and brother Buddy. This is when Forever Family brought me home from Motel
Shelter. I don’t think he knew what to think of his new friend.
“Is she staying, or just visiting?”
” Do I have to share my toys and your attention?”
” Can we take her back for a refund?”
Now we are best buds. He showed me how to be naughty and get away with it. You blame it on me, I will blame it on you and they will never be sure who was guilty!
I love you Buddy!”

“This is my first boyfriend who turned out to be a girlfriend! Don’t ask how I found out! Her name is Nike, and no,
she is not in jail! She is safe in her yard with a fence  and comes to visit me when we go for a W-A-L-K!
Also on my blog. She/he is very cute no matter what she/he is. A corgi.
I might have to bust her out of her yard to join us on our you-know/what!
See entry: WE CAN S-P-E-L-L  YA NOSE! But we  should ask her family for permission first, Paw haha!”

” I am ready for my treat!
My little maw is open!”

“From the Internet, thank you!
If that were my stuffed puppeh, he would not be stuffed anymore!”

“Thank you mama Pat!
I am quite comfortable here in South Padre Island with you and those other guys!”


“Musicmama and her first rescue woofer, the amazing Sundance. You can also see her photo here with her litter of pups. She lived 16 wooferful years. Her life could be a book in itself. MM adored her, and the feeling was mutual. RIP, beautiful girl!

“Artwork by Jack Leo
We did come from wolves in the beginning. Wolfy woofy love.
Through all time!

Hi Bree!
What is missing?
My leash, paw ha ha!
“We woofers come in different sizes.
The ride me size and the I ride you size. The Great Dane horse belongs to our neighbor Carole, who is a vet tech and animal rescuer. She has helped our family with saving critters from possum babies to nutty baby squirrels. Need help? Call Carole!”Hi Bree! I look like you but I am me!
We could be twins.“This is Pansy and Lily.
Their mama is Pat, Musicmama’s friend since teenage years in Waupaca, Wisconsin.  MM says she has done a lot of rescues. Good mama, Pat!”

“Someone cancelled my favorite show, ” DOWNWARD DOG”
It was a grr-eat show so you should bring it back be-paws it was unique, creative and a joy to watch!”

“We hope you enjoy all the photos of my friends, with my comments and Bree-f descriptions. 50 friends! I am a lucky pup. I love them all, almost as much as their moms, dads, and other caregivers.

Thank you my fellow woofers for sharing your pictures with your friend Bree. If I left anyone out, please send your favorite woofer photos to mama’s email or text.

Our helper, Josh, can add them later.
We couldn’t do it without him. So thank you Josh. You are my friend too, but you aren’t a woofer and this entry is woofer friends only. But you are paw-some!

Maybe next time we can do cats and other critters, including hooman friends. Feline reclines. Meow.

Musicmama also worked a lot of hours helping me, so Mahalo ( thank
you) mama! I am so blessed to have friends, my brother Buddy, and my Forever Family who rescued me.
Many of my friends are also rescue pups, and we are all grrr-eat full.

I hope if you can, you will consider a rescue, as we are in need of homes.
Please remember, it is a long commitment, but so worth the love you will receive, and give.
Love above all!

I am closing with this last photo, credit to the Internet, to hug it out.
I love to cuddle. See mama’s song.

Snuggle Buggle – Mother’s Heartlight Band

Thank you again for visiting our latest blog entry, MY FRIENDS!
We love comments, so please leave your comment if you enjoyed our photos. And see other entries for my spy stories, original songs, more pictures and downloads of coloring book pages for you and your pups.
As always, paw-lways, ALOHA!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. So inspiring to know of all the rescue pets and your commitment to their cause. Great photos MM!
    🙂 DH

    1. Thank you for all your grr-eat pup-support! We Bree-ly appreciate that you enjoy my puppy posts! If you had a woofer, he would be here, I will just have to come visit you so you can play with me. Do you have treats in Wisconsin?

  2. …OH NICE, BIGGER PHOTOS!! MM in total looks lovely.
    This was fun to see all the woofer friends. Yes, we have treats in Wisconsin, where most woofers like a bit of cheese, please!

  3. Congratulations in every respect. Wonderful photos of man’s best friends and commentary.
    You really captured what having a vital member of the family is all about.

    Keep on doing your god-like work.

    The dorsal

  4. Congratulations in every respect. Wonderful photos of man’s best friends and commentary.
    You really captured what having a vital member of the family is all about.

    The Dorsal

    1. Such a nice comment you sent it twice!
      Your “curtisy”is grr-eatly
      Bee-preciated, and I thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on “MY FRIENDS”, You are my friend too so we will have to include you in a new “FRIENDS”entry!
      Although people can read about you in my “THE ZOOMIES: HOOMAN ZOOMIN’ ” entry here on my blog. Thank you Mr, Dorsal for all you do for us!

  5. My husband and I only adopt rescues from the local humane society. All of our animals were fixed (neutered or spayed) before they entered the place we were living at the time. Since the house we know own and live in is on the corner of 2 busy roads. Our cat stays inside at all times.

  6. Hello Bree! This was such a great idea to put all your furiends on a post. I couldn’t stop laughing! It was funny and sweet and totally pawsome! I’ll send the pics soon. 🙂

    1. We will look forward to adding your very cute, talented fur monsters!
      Thank you for liking my friends!

      I can be friends with Fluffy and Buffy, and you can be mama friends with Musicmama!

      Please send her your email address! She has some questions for you! We doggie bloggies need to stick together!

      And can you tell us why Snowy is leaving? Did you foster her?

      1. Thank you so much! Buffy and Fluffy will be sooo happy. Snowy is my cousin’s dog and because they moved to a place that does not allow dogs, I offered to look after him otherwise he had to go to a shelter. That was unacceptable. I knew him since he was a puppy so it was no problem. They will soon get a pet friendly place then he can go live by them again.

        They come and visit him once a week so he’s not feeling abandoned. Shame. He still misses his family a lot. But me and him get along well and he’s a sweetiepie. Will miss him when he goes home.

        Thanks again Bree and Bree’s musicmama. 🙂

        1. Ms Renza,
          You are so kind to foster Snowy. It will be hard to give that cute woofer back to your cousin, but bless your beautiful heart for having him as your guest.

          I am writing to let you know that Buffy and Fluffy are now right at the top of MY FRIENDS list here, so hope they will sniff it out!
          Bree-loha mama! 🐶❤️

          1. Hello Bree and Bree’s Mama!

            I was just replying to your email. Sorry I’ve been so busy updating the blog and forgot to check in. Awww! Look at the two of them at the top. Lol. Hugs and loads of wet doggie licks to you guys! ♥♥♥

            Bree, tell your mama I’ll send the mail now and she can let me know if the story is suited for the hero post she’s working on.

            Thank you again. 🙂
            Buffy, Fluffy and Renza

          2. Replying to comment below to Ms Renza.
            Musicmama taught me to be respectful of hoomans and she loves your blog and recommends it to everyone! We love your story and mama showed me the whole tail on your link. Boy, I would sure like to meet that Buffy! He sounds like a grr-eat dude! And Fluffy and I could see who ” zooms” until they drop first!

    1. We saw Sid’s blog and left comments. I hope they went through be paws mama lost her password to Google to post!

      I mentioned he might even convince me not to chase cats!
      Sid is so smart and handsome!
      Keep posting Rasma! We will be sniffing out his words of wisdom! BREE-LOHA!

  7. Friends mean so much in our lives! I would ruff ❤️ It if you would like to add your fur baby’s photos! You can paw-lways send to Musicmama’s email and she will post them if you can’t here as a comment. I hope you enjoy my friends!

  8. Thank you Mr Joshua for helping us post all our friends! And everything!
    You are paw some!
    We ruff you ❤️🌹👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐶🐶

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