Music is the Universal language we can all share in our Big Bree-utiful world.  Mozart translates to all creatures, even plants! They have done studies on how a plant thrives in your home. If he is listening to gentle classical music, he likes it and does well.

The reverse also supports this music theory. When the plant has no music , he doesn’t do as well as the Mozart listeners, but does do better than those poor prayer plants, spider plants, ivy and other house plants who for the study, had to listen to rap music all day! They did not look so pretty afterwards! 😱🎶 Help me!

 Hooman patients with illnesses also seem to do so much better with music and art therapy, which is a major reason my Musicmama went into this field of creative work. She Bree-lieves in it be paws she has seen it work. Miracle miraculous!

She did some volunteer work with children who were hearing challenged, and they could “hear” her guitar, piano and voice through vibrations on the floor, as well as hands on her. Again I have to laugh. Musicmama with children’s paws on her is paw haha funny if you knew how crabby she is & germaphobic.

Also woofers left alone in your house while you are at work tend to be less anxious when listening to soothing music. But it does not guarantee we will not chew up your stuff! Chewing to a lovely piece by Bruchner on the floor is pawsome!

Musicmama wrote a lovely lullaby for her son Bear when she had to be away singing for other hoomans to comfort him. The harmony voice with her is from Severin Browne. We hope you enjoy it. Even the plants like it! It will be available for free download if you want to use the sign up feature. Sweet dreams, but don’t fall asleep until you finish reading, paw haha!

Language is another form of communication but not universal in nature. There are so many languages and so many people it is easy to misunderstand you hoomans. You guys can’t even understand eachother! But tone of voice is fairly recognizable .

“NO” shouted means no. NON! Nyet!
Also body language and facial expressions like emoji s also translate
😎😡😥😁😛😜😱 , MMs favorite,
😳 😂, her other favorite, and so on.
I pup-pose that is why they are

pup-ular. Also a good stick figure.

MM actually created a funny list of things she said, and things she wished she’d said. Be-paws to be polite in society, we , yes hoomans and woofers, are taught correct behaviour and responses in social situations and such.
” How are you today?”
“Fine thank you, and you?”

“Fine, thank you”

Even if that is not how either of you really are. I pup-suppose no one really wants to hear problems.

That was why I loved the episode of “LEAVE IT TO BEAVER” that came on the TV when I was home alone. 😱Eddie  Haskell says : ” Gee Mrs Cleaver, what a pretty dress you are wearing today”

Apparently it is the same or similar dress she wore everyday, even while cleaning her house. my MM NEVER wears a dress to clean her house, does yours? Paw haha

And Mrs Cleaver says:

” Why thank you Eddie. How nice of you”

And then Eddie goes upstairs to corrupt the Beaver somehow. And this 2 faced behavior was in the 1950’s, many lives before my current one. But probably some cat remembers! They have 9 to remember and create cat havoc.

Trivia digression question:

Aside from Lassie , who had her own show, (and spoiler alert, she was a he)  did any of these fake news families have dogs? Did they ever show the reality of cleaning a lawn?

Written words carry a permanence that can be re read many times.

Spoken words can fade into the air of time with all their emotion and impact. So say it if you have to with care, but Bree more even more careful when you write it, and send it!

Like MM says write it out, but don’t send it until you are ready for your words to remain in perpetuity. My new word of the day, see previous entries on my dichotomy in writing,

Paw haha. She is a writer so there are words everywhere! From post it notes for the family who basically ignore them to the endless legal pads.

So it is not just what we say, but how we say it and who we say it to!

So confusing, I am glad I just have to WOOOOF! Each woof has a purpose!

“Please Listen! You learn more that way than talking.”

It can be a minefield!
Wife to husband:
“Honey, do I look fat in this dress?”

What does he do? Poor dude.

If she asks her close trusted girlfriend, a real friend will find a way to be honest with her words AND not hurt your feelings. Examples:
“That is a nice color on you but the fit is not as flattering on you as…”
“Do you have another option we can look at?”

And then friend will help, and the lady will look her best. Plus, woofers don’t see our families as fat, it is not a nice word. MM has a great poster in her bath of a Rubens painting of women bathing. They were not called fat in those days, it meant you had enough money to eat! All relative to the time, the culture, and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  Your fur baby will love you no matter what some silly scale says, just be healthy!

Husbands!!!! Bree ware of this question and others like it!

Even “fake news” like you look lovely in everything is as transparent as a dress. So be careful, be honest, be kind, be loving. Then there is no wrong answer. Except you are fat.

Please try and use kindness and avoid angry yelling when possible.

Do you notice how we run away and hide when our people are angry and yelling? It makes us pupset be paws we don’t know why you are angry.

The worst transgressions with words and actions when kids are young, seem to happen in the hooman equivalent of the dog park, the playground. It is survival of the biggest and the meanest. So it seems at the time to the kids who are smaller and nicer.

Hang in there kids, it does get better and bullies will get paid back. Ask your caregiver, mama, dads about Karma. It is an ancient principle that may comfort you. Also, ” the Golden Rule ” basically translates to ” Do unto others as you would do yourself”  would you call yourself stooopid or fat or ugly? NO!
Be paws you are not any of those mean words! YOU are beautiful and unique, and if you need me, let me know and I will come to your playground and protect you.

No one should ever have to tolerate a bully or his/her mean words.

If your family is Christian , please follow Our Lord. If you are raised in  another faith, follow the teachings of love and acceptance. I am just a woofer and I do not comprehend centuries of division on this topic, all I know is that we need to try and love and understand each other Re any bulling, Please tell a trusted teacher or adult if you feel you are being picked on or bullied, be paws it is NOT OK and there are people who can help you.

Please feel free to come to me!

I will scare them away!

“Small acts with a woofer like me to protect you, will transform the playground!”

Please ask through reply if you would like a download of the song I wrote for my son when he had a bully in kindergarten ” HOW DO YOU PLAY WITH ANDY” very carefully!

Birds have a lovely song they sing to communicate or just express how happy they are to greet the day! Doves have their love calls,
Whales sing their words to eachother.
Dolphins squeal with utter joy to be alive!
Those nutty squirrels we have in our back yard chitter until someone in FF
puts a couple of peanuts out. And so on throughout the natural world.

All are ways to communicate.

“Warning! Children are so excited they are screaming!”

I hear all you guys! Can you hear me “woofing”? Mama says every one within a mile can, whatever that means! Paw haha and happy woofing to all! Just don’t give MM a headache.

Please Bree-member the best words are words of love, support and praise!

“Good job, well done” will make someone so happy!

And “good dog!” Will make your woofer happy too. Maybe even your cat! Paw haha!
My next post will be more about “praise” training and good words. Continuing this theme and adding more stuff you crazy hoomans do!
BREE-loha! Now, if you read my last post ALOHA… You know what I mean! Love to all!


Be impeccable with your words, please tell someone you love them today, sing your favorite song, learn a new word in another language & nose that: “I ay a eye, will always love you!”
Thanks Dolly! Thanks Readers!

“Even clouds have a way to talk to you! Find his message!”

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I love that Eddie Haskell dude!
    “Hello Mrs Cleaver! You look so lovely today! And your home is always perfect. What is the wonderful smell coming from your kitchen today? Is that cookies for the “Beave”? I am sure they will taste delicious.
    I am going upstairs now to help young Beaver with his homework ”
    Paw ha ha! Then he goes upstairs. Look out poor Beaver!
    I Bree-ly think he is funny!
    And I like from ” Seinfeld” show, “Hello Newman” !
    You hoomans are funny critters!

  2. Hey Musicmama!
    That is a Bree-u-ti -full 🎶 song!
    🌹 aren’t your pup “babies” all grown up now?
    I bet there are some pups out there who will love ❤️ this song
    ” Home Soon” !
    We need to have them come and visit ” Bree Soon” !

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