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Hello fellow music lovers, hoomans and pups! I hope you are having a Bree-u-tiful day.

I would like to try something a little different for my entry today. We will have a link to the song , “MRS JOHNSON’S CHIHUAHUA” as our featured entry, after the Bree-f story of piano lessons.

The story before is that MUSICMAMA insisted that both Queen of the Universe and brother Bear take music lessons starting at 6, the recommended age unless you have a child prodigy.

There came a point when they both wanted to give up music/piano lessons. They would grumble from the back seat of the car: “Why do we have to do this”? “We don’t wanna!”

And MM would explain that music was as important as math or English. That is why she volunteered to teach music classes at their school, Budget cuts took away art and music classes.

Then she would explain what happens in the right and left side of the brain when studying music. That it helped with mathematics comprehension , and how one day they would thank her. This, as their eyes rolled, made faces and told MM they did not like her! And they would never thank her for this piano torment.

So imagine her joy years later when Bear told her: ” Thank you MM for making me stay with it. I am grr-earful and happy you did.”

He can now read any piece of music you put in front of him. From Beethoven to Mozart to today’s pop music. That was all MM insisted on, keep taking piano until you can read music, like you read a book. It is like being able to speak another language, that everyone in the world can understand, and Bree-joy!

He will often go in the music room now by choice and express his feelings in music. It also makes you popular at parties where there is a piano, and YOU can play it! In our music room we have our upright piano, an electronic keyboard, guitars and percussion and it has been the room where a lot of music has been played, from guests to the Larky band.

Many musical memories 🎶
“Musicmama has been playing music for a long time!”
“This is one with Musicmama’s band mates.”
But the following song is about Q of U’s difficulty with her piano teacher’s little dog Pepe! So I think MM’s song can explain it best. This notation could have also gone under my entry, ” FACE YOUR FEARS” Come on, Q of U, you can win the battle of the Chihuahua versus the piano student!
Please enjoy the music  🎹🎶
And Bree-quest today:
Perhaps take a piano lesson?
And watch out for little dogs hiding!

Mrs. Johnson’s Chihuahua By Jeanine Michaels Copyright © 1999 Jeanine Michaels. All rights reserved.

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  1. He-hee…..I “get” the song much better after second listen.
    Bree has inherited a sweet love of music from MM and family! Bet she enjoys being the special furry audience.

  2. Loved MM’s song! Great rendition – harmony, rhythm, tune, lyrics, humor, sound effects, difficult notes.

  3. That is so awesome that your son turned into a music lover! My mom had me in piano lessons for 12 years and organ lessons (which I hated) for four. Unfortunately, I haven’t touched either since I got out of high school. I do have a son, however, who is a musician and is very talented. He currently makes his living playing with a band so it’s not just maternal pride speaking. I agree with you that music is such an important part of school and as a former teacher and administrator it just saddens me to see the cuts that have been made to the arts. Whether kids continue along a musical path or not, the experience, brain development, patience, etc. is so good for them!

    1. How grr-eat that your son is a professional musician!
      You must enjoy some wonderful live music!
      And as a teacher, you nose the value of a music education.
      Thank you for your comment and sharing. I think perhaps you should put your paws on a piano again!

      1. Did you see our free download? Link follows,
        But as a former teacher, also concerned about the budget cuts to art and music,
        my Musicmama wrote a grr-eat song that teaches kids about the instruments in an orchestra. Go to site, click on music, go to CD on your right,
        ” DINOSAURS MUSICAL DAY, and click on free download. We hope you Bree-N- Joy 🎶

    1. Aloha Broha from mama!
      Please see my latest entry,
      It is about our (you and Aunty’s) favorite place. ❤️🌈🌺🐬

  4. It is so nice when a kid grows up and finally gets why he was given the opportunity to learn something new and why mom insisted on it. What a great gift!

    1. Woofy thank you Ms Jen for your insightful remark. Musicmama will be so happy to hear that someone else understands what she went through taking kids who whined and complained about going to piano lessons when she had children in classes who would have loved the opportunity but their families couldn’t afford even the relatively small fee. So it was really special when the one kid thanked her! It made up for a lot of whining! And now she gets to listen to private concerts of Mozart and more, and so do I !

      Thank you for visiting us! We hope you enjoyed MM’s
      “Concert On the Blog” and will come back and visit soon.
      Do you have children? Or woofers?

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