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“We recommend that you play the song, “TEDDY LOVES ME”,
either before or after you read the story of MICHAEL. Otherwise, you may Bree distracted!”

Michael is a large white turned grey stuffed bear that Bear got when he was 2 years old and adored.      I know Bree-paws I have thoroughly sniffed him out to see what the big deal was from the tails I’ve heard.

Until, The Incident That No one Can Ever Forget. The Forever Family took a trip to Chicago for a V&V with friends and family. Somehow, while traveling on one of those Transport Buses that take you from the bearport to the rental car, Michael was left behind on the Bus. OH NO!

As soon as they realized it, MM started chasing the now departing Bus down the street yelling STOP! STOP! Her shoes even came flying off but she still kept running. Bus didn’t stop and soon became lost in the crush of vehicles.

MM and DD did everything hoomanly possible to track down the Bus who jacked Michael, while their pup howled and screamed and cried, “Michael! Michael!” It went on for hours, even after they gave up the search at the airport and moved on to the friend’s house. All night poor Bear howled and cried and nobody got much sleep that night!

The next day, MM and DD went to a Chicago department store to find a replacement Michael, and finally found one that looked almost exactly the same. They even put some dirt on Michael #2 and hoped Bear wouldn’t know the difference.

Because Michael #1 was on a bus somewhere going in circles around the airport, or hopefully some hooman child adopted him.

  • But Bear knew immediately MM and DD were trying to pass off an imposter. “NOT MICHAEL!” More howling from a kid you would think had no voice or tears left.

Eventually Michael #2 was accepted and loved just as much. MM and DD considered having him under 24 hour surveillance. The new best buds maintained a friendship of many years. In fact, he was loved so much he started to develop rips and holes and tears so MM was constantly fixing him with needle and thread, while Bear watched each surgery closely. Soon there were almost no more places to sew, so his head was kind of floppy. Threads everywhere!

Bear also closely monitored Michaels bath time in the washing machine. He would come out smelling of lovely laundry soaps, which would last a day or 2 and then he smelled like Bear/boy again!

Finally, when Ben was around 10 or 11, DD said to MM: “Don’t you think it’s time he gave up that Bear?”

“Don’t you think he is too old for this?” ” Aren’t you worried about this prolonged attachment?”

MM said Bear would give up Michael when he was ready.

“What? When? When he is walking to get his college diploma ?”

But MM was right. She never tried to separate Bear and Michael#2, things just took a natural course. Bear would go off to play baseball while Michael stayed home instead of cheering from the stands. He would go to his pup friend’s houses to play while Michael watched over his stuff. And now that Bear has a girlfriend and a college degree and a career, Michael is happy to watch over it all and is quite pup-content to enjoy his old age in relative peace on the couch.

He sits, smiling to himself, head drooping, with his amazing memories of adventures with his best bud to keep him warm. And he still guards all the secrets! I know, be-paws I tried to get him to tell me, and he Bree-mains silent. He is the Silent Witness to the Beary best love and friendship!

Bree-quest: give your best bud a bear hug today! As always, Bree-loha!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Love the addition of music. The song is lovely! Had to play it twice while I read Michael’s story. Sweet!

    1. Thank you!
      Musicama wrote that song when Bear was in kindergarten!
      Michael was too young to be in that class. He had to go to pre-school first!

  2. wow ! absolutely nice song. though I had to play may be 4 times to understand it. Thank you so much
    and I appreciate your innovative story.

    1. Sometimes another language is hard to understand. I nose, be-paws I speak Bree!
      But I hope Musicmama’s song is universal. Music can unite all people in the world.
      Peace and thank you Mr
      Tung Tung

    1. As long as Michael and Bear and me can all sit in our own seats on the plane, preferably first class, and we don’t have to take one of those buses that steal your stuff, you can pick us up
      at the airport in Texas where you live. Is that near Hawaii be-paws my FF keeps talking about wanting to go there on a plane. Thank you for inviting us to meet you!
      I hope you have lots of tasty treats in Texas!

  3. Bear’s teacher at the time,
    MS. Green comments:
    ” There was a little girl in class who loved her Teddy too.
    Since bringing toys and stuffed animals to school was discouraged, we played her the
    “”TEDDY LOVES ME” song.
    It made her very happy, until she kept asking to hear it again.
    And again, and again. ! ” 😀

    1. Sorry you had to hear it again and again and again. I did too. When is Music Mama going to write a song about ME! I am cuter than Michael.

    1. What a nice thing to say!
      Thank you. I will have to ask Musicmama if she will let me watch that “Toy Story” movie.
      I have not seen it.
      She says you have a grr-eat blog to help people blog.

  4. Loved this. The Blogger Pit Stop brought me over and I have to say I still have a tiny bit of blankie left that I treasure for the memories. Kid you not. It is only a tiny piece but so full of those sleepless moments when blankie was missing.

    1. Thank you Ms Shelley.
      I wonder what happens to those babies when the teenagers suddenly appear?
      I guess you can visit them in pictures, but my mama says she wants her baby pups back!

    1. Thank you for having me!
      And more thank you fur your comment on the MICHAEL song. So happy you liked it!
      I will tell Michael when he gets up from his nap!

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