The first time and last time I made a list was of my chewed up stuff. It was a partial list at the time and I have happily added more stuff! It is under my entry, I NOSE I CAN BE NAUGHTY if you want to check it out. This is not a grocery list, or a laundry list. Read on:

These are things my poor beli-gurr-ed
(My new word of the day! It should be: beleaguered) Musicmama finds on the floor almost daily. These are
MM’s Floor Scores, but she doesn’t look as happy as I do when I score mine, Paw ha ha!  😀
Every day finds, left for MM:
Towels on the Floor, wet and dry
Why oh why?

Shoes everywhere, everyone’s, but not always paired up meaning you can find a tiny sandal next to a large size tennis shoe.

And my friend, these photos are not staged! This is how Musicmama finds them! Bree-ly! She might have moved some with her foot a little.

Random socks, never paired
I hear the dryer eats them.
Stuff I don’t know what it is! 😱
Metal parts to things that don’t work without them but what are they?
Plastic pieces: I know I chewed it but I don’t know what the original thingy was in the beginning.

Clothes, everyone’s clothes, everywhere

Bags of stuff from the market that should have been emptied but “it doesn’t need to be refrigerated so it can wait” so it is waiting.
Us! Me and Other One always lying on the floor. Is it lying? Or laying?
And our stuff.
Woofer feeder bowls that could be on any floor even though it is recommended to feed in one place paw-lways. No one listens.
Woofer toys which can trip you if in a precarious ( my new W.o.D. Word of the Day)  place on the stairs…
Watch out mama! There’s a big stuffed pig TOO left on stair #7!
And the worst dog offense, a gnarly sharp edge partially chewed bone.

You do not want to find that barefoot!

The Recent Finds:
Tea Strainer
Pretty decorative toothpick found with bare foot, naughty word included
Thumb tack, found same way, different naughty word used
Major spill of Sticky Stuff near fridge on floor, bad score to step on. Now MM has to clean her shoe. A new naughty word. As well as sticky mess
😱   🙊🙉

Cup tops but no cups that fit them

Everyday Things:

Phone ringing: solicitors, robo calls, hang ups, Dorsal dad’s clients that shouldn’t have our home phone number, calls from jail also related to DD, just the sound of it ringing all day she finally puts the offending phone in their room in the closet, under her crochet bag where I think one of those metal parts is a crochet hook.

Trump, Other People, (Thank you Mr. Sartre) barking, her own lists, messes, flies, mosquitoes, tardiness, clutter and the people who make it, noise, leaf blowers, people who are rude or inconsiderate, people who drive in the wrong lanes or impaired, lines and the people in them unless they are behind her!

Lack of manners, junk mail partly because it wastes resources and trees and partly because it makes more clutter the family has to deal with and one of them (Queen of the Universe) has to shred everything as she is concerned about identity theft, identity theft, junk e mail AKA spam, not to be confused with the yummy Hawaiian treat!

People who won’t listen be-paws they won’t learn if they don’t, and for woofers that includes includes excessive barking, although they may be trying to tell you they are in distress.

The Recent:

The Pantry Moth Infestation

Warning! This can happen to anyone who has food in a pantry or cupboard, and these pests are hard to get rid of! I have tried to help by catching a few in my maw, but there were always more. MM googled how to get rid of them and it is a long process of taking everything thing out of the cabinets, checking every bag and box for signs, tossing even suspected ones, dust bustering everywhere as they lay eggs ewww, cleaning ALL surfaces with soap, hot water and vinegar 🙊 and it’s horrible!

“If you are looking closely, Q of U’s
baking supplies are on a shelf. Mama does not approve of sugar, and if it were only her pantry, she would have a lot of yucky health foods in there like oats and quinoa and fiber. And weird raw foods.”

Poor little Queen of the Universe did most of the work and we have to give her credit be-paws she works full time at the free legal beagle clinic and is tired already. Did you know you can bring these pests home from the market to your clean kitchen in rice, cereal boxes, or dog food bags oh no? We are experts now if you need advice, either google it, which is what mama did, a long tedious read, or leave a comment and I will give you some shortcuts. I hope you never have to have these uninvited ” guests.”
Oh No! I don’t want to tell them. I saw some more after they spent days cleaning. Woooof!
So on to my lists if you and I remember where we were! 😂
Family arguments
Lack of communication, which leads to family arguments
Sadness, often be-paws of a family argument or a friend or family in trouble, anyone hurting anywhere.

We want to put bandaids on the 🌎

REALLY DISLIKE: be-paws she was taught by nuns and family not to use the word “hate”, from 14 on during her rebellious years, MM, ran around saying: ” I hate this , I hate that ” It is what one does when they are rebelling I hear. But now that she is “so over” that, we have moved on to, intensely dislike.

Sister Frances Perpetua, or “Putty Face”, as she was “affectionately” known by her students who intensely disliked her but not known to her that we know of, would have approved of dislike instead of the ” H” word”.


Sister Putty Face, I don’t know if I properly construct my sentences but you can’t grade me from heaven and I am a woofer anyway. And from what my MM says you did to her knuckles and to embarrass her in front of the class be-paws Jimmy Setterholm liked her and she liked his best friend Kevin Fennely and you didn’t like any of them, you were not nice. So if I were there, I would have to bite you. Come get me! I am hiding in the clutter MM dislikes.


Cruelty, bullying, selfishness, hatred in all forms including racism, misogyny (another new W.o.D.), religious intolerance, or discrimination in any way, war, theft aka stealing; jacking, fights both physical and verbal, violence and sorry dudes who love sports, that includes boxing 

(Mama apologizes Willard! She tried to like it) paw-lease be careful with hard tackles in American football be-paws you can hurt your brain! And ignorance (is NOT bliss).

Must Include The Opposite If You Are Making Lists!

“MM noticed that things you dislike in other people are often things you don’t like in yourself. Please watch for my new entry. I would like to explore that concept in more de-tail.”

For Musicmama:
All the opposites of her dislikes lists:
War would be Peace
Hate would be Love, she paw-ways says, Love Above All! ALOHA
PLEASE see the definition of this word on my blog entry ALOHA PAWLOHA BREELOHA. It is so important! It will explain the way to live life. And will cover this list of Likes and Loves.
She loves her family and friends
Hawaii, Nature, Art, Reading
Her work: music, writing, helping others, dogs, and animal rescues ❤

The Sheba Inu. One of our rescue pups. Thank you, Bear. Her story is under rescue entry.”

Sports like skiing, tennis and ice skating that she had to give up due to bad bone on bone knees, but not the bones you can chew on although her X-Ray looks like something chewed on them! ” One of mama’s knees was totally replaced with metal, so maybe that was one of the metal parts on the floor score? “

And she loves to watch dancing!

Whether it is “Dancing With The Stars” or the ballet, I think she secretly wishes she had been a dancer. 💃🏿 Your parents have to start you early and hers well, hmm didn’t.

So now it’s swimming: ocean, lakes or pools,  I LOVE lakes and pools!

Hint hint! Mama doesn’t like to swim with me be-paws she says I get too close and scratch her up . She has delicate skin now that bruises easily.
Walking somewhere pretty and if The Other One and I get to go that’s best

More hints. We will protect you!

And I hope you all know what love truly is, that you have been loved, and have loved. There really are some people and animals who haven’t experienced the grace of love so I pray for them. “Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

My Woofer Like List Includes:

Pets, scritches, loving touches
Treats, cheese, bones, cookies
Walks, the pool, play dates
My family and friends!
Any floor score
Anything I can chew up in peace without it being snatched away and someone saying NO! Not 4 you!

Please see my blog entry MY FRIENDS, they are all so special and my new one on GIVING WOOFER STYLE…


“This is our last photo! It is fitting to close with 2 heroes, Mark and Kasha. Thank you both for saving lives. A special Woofy tails up to Kasha in heaven for representing Woofers so beautifully and bravely. Mama has a post it note to send Mark a thank you card for his grrrr-eat story!”

I have included random commentaries as they come into my little puppy brain so I hope at the end it has a cohesive (W.o.D. last week) feel. I do not think I shall attempt any more lists!

Paws, as I hear a collective sigh of relief if anyone is still there.

This was sort of an experiment in lists. My MM makes lists of every thing. Like I said before, post it notes for things for the family to do which they ignore. And things for her to remember but she can’t remember where she put them! 😂

Seriously, one time she made a list of the lists!  Double Paw haha!

Bree-Loha my hoaloha! (Friends)

Your comments are so Woofy welcome.

All photos by Musicmama except for Nun, from Internet and spam from Getty images, and Mark Cornwell and his hero rescue woofer. Thank you.

“It is grr-eat to walk in God’s
Bree-u-tifull country anytime of day, or anytime of year! But I wouldn’t swim in the winter, paw haha!”

“Photos by Jeanine Art by Mother Nature and Our Father”
Sunset at lake is our cabin in Big Bear 🐻, and you can read about Mark’s hero story in entry: GIVING WOOFER STYLE…

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I want to nose what is in “Spam”?
    Does anyone know?
    Do I want to know?
    And the lists were grr-eat!
    I will start my ” To Do” List mañana. First will be: buy a list for lists. But do I put that on a post it note?

  2. ….aaahhhh, being a “list” fanatic myself, it was gratifying and hilariously funny to know that other sweet mamas make lists too! Bree seems to have her paw on the pulse of what mamas need and do. xxoo

  3. Woofy thank you to my fellow list fanatic.. Isn’t it fun!
    Do you make lists for you husband to do stuff too? I bet he likes that be-paws you can help him stay organized. We Bree-preciate your visit, your time and your comment. Thank you, Denise Larky!

  4. What an observant pup! One thing I can tell you about those pantry moths….they usually show up in the gluten-free items or other items that don’t have preservatives. If you don’t use them up quickly after opening, good luck is all I can say.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting us Mr Jennifer!
      It sounds like you have some experience with these pesty pantry moths eeeww!
      What did you do?
      Thanks for your ” good luck”.
      It almost sounds like you were laughing? You wouldn’t do that, would you? 😂
      Please come see us again soon!

  5. Woofing of Dancing With the Stars, MM just watched the first half of the taped pivotal moments in their lives episode. She cried through every dance! Oh my, mama. You are a softie.
    Pass the tissues paw-lease!

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