My nom de plume is Bree, AKA
” Hey YOU! Stop that!”
Or, Breezy, Brizzy, Brizzilious and whatevers. I will answer to anything if you have a Bree-licious treat in your paw, or in my Wish Dish feeder bowl.

I write Tails from the Luckiest Rescue Dog In the World, for you hoo-mans, from woofer/me Bree. Observations from a pup’s point of view of all the HOOMAN be-ings, do-ings, and activities I see from my pup spying on my Forever Family.
It is family friendly so you can share it with your own pups. Paw-leese do!

I was asked, “Bree, why do you want to write a dog blog as there are so many others out there in the Blogosphere?” We need more “Dogo-sphere here.

My Hooman Mom, always has a pencil in her paw and is often writing mysterious things in a book. So, why can’t I? It looks like fun! Musicmama is my Bree-spiration, and sometimes she Bree-ven helps me.

My first blog entry will tell you how I Came To Bree In My New Forever Hooman Family, p-up next.

And every time I write, I wish you Woofy tail waggin greetings from the Wooferworld to my New Hoomman Reader Friends and Pup-mates! Welcome!

If you wonder what cat-egory of woofer I am in the Wooferworld, I am a mutt. The Heinz 57 weird and wonderful blend of other acceptable established Woofer breeds. Everyone knows what a poodle is, and in my opinion, there are enuff puddles already. I pup-pose the closest comparison to unique me, would be to a cartoon woofer like Goofy!

In my Forever Family:
I have The Mom,
AKA Musicmama,
The Dad, AKA The DorsalDad,
The Boy, AKA Bear,
His girlfriend, AKA Princess Bear,
And The Girl,
AKA Queen of the Universe! She rules.
And of course, my new pup BFF, The Other One! And now me!

Bree-lieve it, there’s more family coming! There are aunts and uncles and brothers and sister in laws, cousins and friends and friends of friends, OH MY! All with tails to tell!

I am not going to say who my favorite is. I love them all. Butt Bear and Musicmama are the funniest, and Q of U is the sweetest. And, so fur,
TheDorsaldad pays for us all! Thank you DD! I have not had to have a “job” yet, butt I nose it mutts be hard!

My work so far, is to protect my Forever Family, ” WOOF! Someone is at the door! Hurry p-up, WOOF! WOOF!”

My hope is to enter-train you, and at the end of each pup-servation from my spy-fests, will have a Bree-quest.

Today, my Bree-quest is:
Paw-lease paws to see what miracle your life has to offer you today!
Ruff/love from your new friend

I am a rescue woofer and my family believes in animal rights and helping all animals. Especially woofers! We would love to work with, and contribute to any charitable animal rescue organizations so please contact us if we can help. One pup at a time, then dolphins and whales and pandas oh my!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I look forward to all of the shenanigans from this little blogger. I wish I could dunk a few treats in the wish dish for all of the fun so far. Woof woof!

  2. Who could resist that “take me to my new home face”!!! And now Bree has grown up and is a fun loving pooch!! Look forward to more stories from the home front!

    1. Please come back and see my new stories and photos and songs! We would love your
      Bree-feed-back! Thank you Ms.
      Vicki! Love! Ruff! Aloha!

  3. You turn your back on Brizzles for one minute and she starts her own blog! I don’t know how those paws did it but she sure is talented. Great job, Bree! Looking forward to more

    1. More is here!
      And more is coming tomorrow. And I love you more. Tip of the tail:
      Don’t turn your back on me, you never know what I may be p-up to!

    1. I would ruff to meet Pansy and Lily. Can you send their photos to MusicMama for Bree-view? I am going to have a new post soon with all pictures only of all my woofer friends!

  4. Loved the introduction Bree!!! I could only imagine how the rest of your stories are going to be. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be looking forward to read more 😊.

  5. Hey, Bree – your blog is very clever and cute, tho sometimes I have trouble with your accent. You are so lucky to have a nice family to write about. I look forward to future stories.

  6. Thank you so very much to my HOOMAN reader friends for visiting my new doggie bloggie.
    I am grrr-eatful for your comments and pup-sup-port.
    P-up next will be “THE ZOOMIES”
    with a short video.
    I hope you enjoy all my spy-festing! And thank you! 🐶😘
    Love/ruff from Paw-thor Bree

    1. We hope you will sign up under email subscription! You can get all the songs, coloring book pictures and more that way your email remains private, thank you!

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