I like the little guys. 😎 👍🏼 Emojis , AKA, emoticons. In part be-paws they bring out our inner 5 year old!  Or in woofer age , our puppyhood. They make me happy and can best express an emotion over words, or add to your words.  My little paws like to pick one for something words don’t paw-lways say. Ruff or 💝 ?

OH NO! or 😱 ? My mamas favorites!
I am happy be-paws we are going for a walk!  😄🚶🏻🐶

I am sad be-paws I heard someone outside my spy perch say something mean! 😿  🙉

I am grr-eatful to be a rescue pup
🙏🏼👏🏻  in a loving family ❤👨👩👧👦
I wish all hoomans and critters well
There are so many more!
Some are endangered species so we need to be aware, and be extra vigilant ( learned that word in February)  to protect them!


And for good luck you know if a ladybug lands on you, you have some extra luck! 🐞

If you follow my blog, you know my Musicmama paw-lways says, leave somewhere better because you were there! Your paw prints on the earth leave a piece of you behind.

Although I know a few people who dislike intensely ( I don’t like to use the word hate in this or any case) the emojis for various, in my pup-inion, silly reasons… Like the written word in correct English is being destroyed and corrupted.

😱 Oh Paw-lease!

When has a little harmless image corrupted language? They are like hooman kindergarten figures to express an emotion, not the end of civilization.  That is happening for other reasons! 😱🌏💰❌🔚

When you write as much as I do daily, then tell me about why you may have these strong objections to something I see 👀 as innocuous (my new word today!). otherwise, 🙈🙉🙊

Please tell me if you see these emojis I am using for this post. Yes? Or no?

Maybe if you don’t see them, it makes a difference. Don’t most hoomans see them? Mama says not everyone can , you need to have the IPhone? We do. I guess these iPhone thingys are like a secret club? 😷👤

I’m sorry to those who think Emojis are the decline of civilization. When is the last time you used the mail to send a proper Amy/Ann Vanderbuilt approved format card for condolences? Birthdays? Weddings? Invitation? Etc.
We do all the time, because it is polite and one of our last methods of true thoughtful social interaction. I paw-ways remind mama of special dates coming up. 📩📫
 Unless you want an  “E-vite ” to a social occasion 🎉 which I hear is acceptable nowadays.  Or someone telling you they are sorry your mother died by email.  I don’t think that is ever correct form. Take the time to write something from your heart and send it in a nice card. Or on good paper. It will be something your friend, or whoever lost their loved one can treasure.
 🌹 ⭐🎀.
My mama has a pretty box 💞  where she keeps all her cards and notes from her friends and family close to her on a table near her bed. She says she loves the good energy in each one.


So again in defence of Emojiis, I enjoy adding them to my paw writing as I can’t even draw/paw a proper stick figure. But would like to know if you don’t have an IPhone, are they coming through as intended? Or as a first grade teacher we know said about someone we know, re their handwriting  : it looks like scribble scrabble!  Or a garbeldy gook mess.

Hey! Hooman teachers are supposed to be nice! I wonder what her writing

looked like when she was 6?

PS  mama was a straight A  student.
The only C  she ever got was in handwriting!  Oh wait, in geometry too, a C. And a fellow student who copied from her test paper also got a C! Paw haha. That is what you get for cheating. Wrong person to copy from dude! Unless it was Latin, or English, then you would have an “A” too!
Now days, hoomans use computers. So your typing skills are more important. Unless you hand write a nice card. And then people will be so happy to see your card or letter in the mail, they don’t care if you got a C in handwriting!
They will be so bree-lighted to find something in the mail besides a bill!
There  were no emojis to mitigate, a new word from last week I learned from DORSALDAD while spying on his conversation with a client, back then. It might have made scribble scrabble look like fine art!
🌷🌺.  🎆🎭🎨
So no matter where you fall on the innocent little emoji debate, if you don’t like them, can you take a minute and tell me why please?
And if you appreciate a well placed emoji, 😘  I will continue to add them.
Unless, the opposition has a good reason not too. ❌

Mahahalo! And as always, Aloha! 🐬🌺 BREELOHA! 🐢🌈🌊

BREEQUEST: play with your emojis, they can be fun! And perhaps, take an art class or paint something and make it your own!

Artwork from our beloved friend Jack Leo.

Rest In Peace Sweetheart. You are free! I bet heaven has some grrrr-eat images to paint! We miss you. Musicmama is proud and happy people can see your beautiful work even after you are gone.

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


    1. 😀👨‍❤️‍👨🌹

      Get well soon so you can write mama again! I am happy I can help you smile!
      You are pretty when you smile!
      Love, Bree

  1. Hi Bree!!
    I told you when I left Janice’s, I’d be over to see you and Mama. <3
    I love <3 <3 <3 emojis!! The best thing ever to happen to typing/texting!!
    And yes, I could see all yours!!
    PurpleSlob (Someone needs to make me into an emoji!!)

    1. What is a PurpleSlob? 😈
      Thank you for visiting me on my blog. I hope you get to see some entries with the music!🎹🎼
      MRS JOHNSONS CHIHUAHUA has a funny song. 😳ALOHA/BREELOHA has a cool island song. 🌈 MICHAEL has a sweet song, TEDDY LOVES ME.
      🐻 And more! I think if you check under music 🎶 on the menu you can sniff them out.

      😀 So happy you like emojis!
      Maybe someone can make you an emoji for this PurpleSlob thing you bark of! 🌹🌺

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