I nose I can be naughty, but it is so much fun! Remember one of my AKA names is: “Hey YOU!   Stop that! 😱😂😇🐶 My Chewed Up Stuff List includes, but is not limited to: A cell phone, a land line phone, many Holiday ornaments, 3 toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste, mint flavored yum, a tube of Neosporin yuck, various action figures belonging to the Queen of the Universe, countless empty paper towel cardboard rolls I found in the Recycle, a phone charger, 11 pencils and 2 pens, a helmet headlight, a pair of tasty leather gloves, 2 watches belonging to Bear that I will never hear the end of, several pairs of Flip Flops and other footwear, a wooden paper towel holder, Musicmoms’ night guard for her night time teeth grinding which was chewed up anyway so what’s the big deal? And, various indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, my favorite being lemongrass from the herb garden!

All under the cat-egory of Bree-struction, Bree-str0y. Butt, in my Bree-fence, these were all things I did as a baby pup out of a Need for Speed chew! I don’t do it anymore that they nose of.

So when a family member asks, “Where is my fill in the blank?” I just sit and look like I am wondering too, “Yeah! Where is that fill in the blank?” and give them my best “It wasn’t me” face. So DorsalDad, I do not need a defense/Bree-fence  attorney be-paws, I am innocent! That is what MM says all your naughty clients say: ” I am innocent! I was framed! The “Other One” did it!” Bree-quest for today: Try and Bree patient with your pups! But we do need to nose the boundaries. Safety first.  

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  1. I am really enjoying the interesting world of “pup” and her misadventures. She is very cute and funny.

    Very clever writing which is fun-loving and entertaining. Looking forward to more stories about pup and the world around her.

    Sorry have to go. The shark tank is calling me back

    The dorsal

    1. Thank you Mr. Dorsal
      I think our readers may have figured out that you are DD!
      So, sorry I chewed up your cell phone! 😱😂

    1. Does Mr.Yoshi woofer have a list of stuff he chewed up?
      Maybe he can give me more ideas Pawhaha!
      And, if you are referring to the embroidered pillow I spent many hours making for you, it better be safe from claws, jaws, paws and maws!

    1. There are so many woofers out there waiting for homes!
      You will find yours when the timing is right for both/all
      of you! Woof and thank you
      for your comment!

      1. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I denifitely enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back down the road. I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great job, have a nice day!

  2. I think you have my mom’s old Basset Hound beat in the chewing and eating department! The strangest thing that Digger ever ate (and passed!) was a nylon knee-high hose. And you know how we discovered that, don’t you???

  3. And Ms. Shelley
    Can you send us a picture of Mr.
    Digger? For the upcoming photo only blog? We won’t turn him into the pantyhose police! 😂

  4. The clowns being truly described as the villainous things they really….coming from a sweet pup….really hit home with me. It was an LOL moment.
    Keep ’em coming! So very clever.

    1. Woofy thank you Ms Thelma for your comment. I almost missed it! I am so Tail Waggin happy you had fun here. That is exactly what I want to do!
      Fun! Bree-joy! Please come back and see some other posts.

      I ruff/love a comment like yours!

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