So I was laying around watching my family during the 3 day MLK weekend wondering what to write about for my new blog entry.

I heard DD and MM talking about politics again and it usually puts me to sleep. But this Trump character seems like a bad dude I need to bite!  He seems to be making a lot of people pup-set, not only in my Forever Family but on the 📺 TV magic box. It makes me want to run under the bed and hide again!

But since I am a big girl now, and even if this Trump is a Monster Garbage Truck, we have to FACE OUR FEARS ( see entry) and do something I about it!

MM said she is going to vote for an Oprah, whatever that is!

Don’t You Hoomans have someone nice and smart who loves animals and all other people who will be kind and loving and won’t hurt anyone you can vote for?

Someone who won’t make you pup-set and things can be peaceful and everyone can have enough treats, medical care if you have to go to the Hooman vet, shudder and shake, and a warm bed to sleep in?

That seems to me, in my puppy 🐶 brain, to be simple enough. But the magic box keeps showing bad pictures of fighting everywhere in the world 🌎.

Paw-lease stop.

Since it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day, many people did not have to go to the mysterious thing called “work”.  He seems like he was a good man. Indeed, a grr-eat man! Mama posted some of her favorite quotes from his speeches on her Facebook page and his words were very inspiring. Why can’t you have someone like that for your pack leader?

“Alternate choice for pack leader.
Tuned into directions from a Higher Power on how to run this planet!  Paw ha ha”

Anyway, I don’t know enough about politrix (see POLITRIX entry) to really comment, I just nose I want to see hoomans happy and safe.

One of our cousins wrote us the other day mentioning some charity work she is doing. She puts together “ care” packages with warm blankets, supplies, and depending on the local ordinance in the area, sandwiches or other treats. She does this with some friends so it is fun,  and they go out and deliver them to people on the streets who don’t have homes to live in. What a grrr-eat idea! I know that many other people are out there doing similar things to help others. They are hooman angels, so let’s thank them and bless them. 🙏🏼❤😇

While some people are on the golf course,

instead of doing “his” job to fix this, others are on the front lines giving from their hearts 💕 and that is how the world 🌎 should be. Bree-ly, there should not be any people having to live in the streets, especially when it’s so cold, brrrr!

I like John Lennnon’s song 🎼 “Imagine”

Or MLK, speech,  “I Have A Dream”.

I wish we didn’t have to imagine and dream.  I wish we could make our dreams of a better world come true. Just wave a magic wand, or wag a woofy tail, and peace would come. No one would be hungry or homeless. Every pup would have a Forever Family. Hoomans would treat each other with respect and kindness. We would all pick up our trash and take care of Mother Earth. If you needed medical or psychological help, it would be available. All the wonderful things you can imagine when you dream.

“Practical advice to help our dreams from the ancients.”

I know you guys have “hooman nature”, and some things don’t seem possible. I heard some lady named Eve took a bite out of an apple 🍎 and messed things up..

I have also heard other stories explaining why you are the way you are, but I have also heard miracles happen. Change is possible. You are your thoughts, so if you think different thoughts, can you change who you are? And if everyone does that, can everyone change? Then change the world? If the “haves” shared with the “don’t haves”, would everyone have enough? I would share my toys!

I am just a pup and I may sound naive and simplistic (word of the day…thanks mama)

but we dream too. Just watch us when we are asleep sometime. You may see our legs move around. Most of the time we are dreaming of running 🏃🏻 free in a field of 🌸 flowers, or chasing squirrels, but sometimes it is living in a world of harmony and joy. So we are just happy to be alive! Gratitude attitude.

More gratitude is a start. I am deeply grateful to my Forever Family for rescuing

me from Motel Shelter, a misnomer.

(Other word of the day) Many of those places are not shelters at all, and be-paws this is for families, I will not describe the conditions. But it is not where you want to be, so I hope if you love animals, you would not take yours to the what they used to call the ”pound”. Wonder why?

And that you will adopt one of us like my mama has her whole life. We are always so grateful. We do know you rescued us.

We will be loyal and never forget your kindness. See? It can be one simple act of love. However, we may still be naughty and chew up your stuff, paw ha ha! And, it is a big commitment so you have to be ready for it, do your research on what kind of woofer will best fit into your family, and what age. Puppies are cute, but take more time and training.

Unfortunately, it can’t be an emotional decision. You Bree-ly have to plan for it.

Musicmama and her other neighbor bring treats over to their elderly neighbor in Big Bear. But shhh. It is called a Mitzvah, so you are supposed to keep it quiet. One should not go around bragging about their good works. It’s better to do them without anyone else but the person you do it for knowing. I guess it’s OK if you talk about the nice things other people do for each other. And I hear about a lot of those so it gives me hope. Thank you to everyone who give back to others!

Even small things can make such a difference in someone else’s day. A smile 😊. Holding a door open. Letting another car 🚗 in front of you in traffic. Helping carry a bag. But don’t run 🏃🏻 away with it! Things for a stranger you may never see again, but who will remember you.

And the acts of kindness you can do for family and friends every day are endless!

Your reward is knowing you made a difference for the better. Even asking, “How are you today?” And listening. It seems to me with a little encouragement, most people need to talk to some one sympathetic. Call Q of U!

Our little Queen 👸🏼 of the Universe is one of the most thoughtful people I know.

It reflects in so many ways. One is the choice of gifts 🎁 she gives. If you are a lucky pup enough to ever receive one, she doesn’t even have to ask. She just knows you, and nose what would make you happy 😃. She is just so sweet.

I have seen her after a long day at work, dealing with the “angry mobs” at her free legal beagle clinic, stay up until 3:00 AM baking her delicious treats from scratch for a co-workers birthday or event the next day. There are usually no “floor scores” in baking, but the house smells so nice with fresh brownies! Go Q of U! ❤

Mama learned an important lesson in life about social situations, she told me too late to appreciate it. She used to feel very self conscious and insecure, like many people do, at parties or in group settings. Not only the typical lady “How do I look?”

“Am I pretty?” stuff, but also  “What should I say? How do I make an impression? How do I make other people like me?”

Now that she is an “ old lady” she says she doesn’t care what other people think, and wishes she hadn’t back then when she was pretty! Mama’s words, paw haha.

She thinks all young people are pretty.

The point is, she wishes she had cared about what what other people were thinking about themselves. How are you? What do you do? How are YOU feeling?

Most of the time, the attention shifts from you to the other guy and you don’t have to be so nervous. Just a tip of the tail my mama learned I wanted to share. Caring about others helps you in many ways, and not paw-lays only the obvious ones.

So, I hope I don’t sound, what is the word mama? Pedantic? Preachy? Didactic?

These were just a few thoughts that came to mind as I “had a doggie dream”!

My mama’s father used to ask his 3 pups:

“What is a family for?”

And they would roll their eyes 👀 and answer:

“To love ❤️ eachother and help each other!”  Be-paws he said it so often, they knew the answer by heart and that is where it pup-posed to be. In your heart.

“ My uncle Professor Mallord wasn’t born yet!

It is simple, and yet with ‘Ohana, family, our biggest challenge, it is a lifelong work in progress. When you add in the “family of man/woman” you now have a lot to be aware of, a lot of people to love and help.

That could be a full time job by itself.

Just something to remember, along with the Golden Rule, the 10 Commandments, and a bunch of other stuff you guys have to learn about and practice daily.

“From a wise man who would make a grrr-eat pack leader!”

Whatever your religious beliefs are, or even if you don’t have any or aren’t sure, there is a similar theme in all of them.

Side note: it looks like religion was created to help you through life, behave, and not chew up other people’s stuff!

That theme is Love ❤️!

Love for your God, your fellow man/women/child, yourself, and follow the path of the teachings of how to live a good life.

I think I am a spiritual pup. And I Love Love. So I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts with you my friends.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, insights, or comments in my comment section. I am open to learning anytime!

Do you have a dream?

ALOHA! Paw-loha!”


  1. I love the pictures nd wonderful inspirational words. Sweet puppy voice of reason.
    Everyone….don’t quibble, eat your loving kibble!!

  2. Something’s amiss, Miss Bree. I didn’t get my regular email announcing,your new MLK day post. 🙁
    Since I don’t look at FB much, I had to seek your little self out.
    Sweet words to live by. 😇

    1. My apologies Denise. Did you make sure to click the the three boxes below? “☑️ Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ☑️ Notify me of new posts by email. ☑️ Notify me when new comments are added.” If you did click the boxes I’m sorry that you were not notified and I will check to make sure everything is working properly. I am currently working on a system in which all subscribers will be made aware of new posts and comments without having to do anything else. Until then… Thank you!!!

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