They think they found me, but I had it all planned and found them!  My “prospective” family came into the shelter where I was born and spent the first 7 formative weeks of my life. A lot of woofing woofers were also staying there at Motel Shelter.
Shudder and shake!  No “prospectives” were paw-llowed to see my mother… probably because of her undesirable breed. And I never met my dog dad, but assume he was a fine specimen to have passed on such good genes.

Some have said I was pretty, but methinks they were just Hooman be-ing polite. I Bree-spire for smart and funny. Heaven knows these Hoomans could use more funny in their Very
Important Lives.
I will leave pretty to the Other One.

The Very Nice family arrived looking for a new Rescue Woofer to adopt, be-paws they just lost their bree-loved Rescue Woofer Jessie girl, who lived to a wise old 16. This is amazing in woofer years, always a good Bree-referral for your prospective Forever Family! We are checking you too.

At home, FF has “The Other One”,
a very annoying barky opinionated
Little Lassie Sheltie, but they wanted 2 woofers again. Probably to keep the “Other One” company, but I nose it wasn’t his idea!

Now he has to share his stuff, and pup-tention.

While checking out some
“Possibles” the Mom thought one was cute, but when she went to pet him, he tried to bite her!
Pawhaha! He was well paid for that!

“Hey Hoomans! Over here!
I am your girl! Pick ME”! I squeaked!
The Boy they call “Bear” was sold on my adorableness, so they chose ME! I am so lucky and grateful.

Off I went to my new Forever Home with my new Forever Family and they were already fighting over “Who gets to hold” me in the car! Oh boy, this is gonna be grr-reat!

They even let a Woofy social worker come and check out their house!
That is a prerequisite for adoption these days. The prospectives have to have a home screening, just to make sure we possibles have an appropriate home in which to live.
Hoomans and woofers should all have a home where they can be safe and loved. So if you can, perhaps think about adopting your own.

Best of all, there are “pet squirrels” in the back yard, but I am not allowed to chase them. Squirrels!! All woofers “like” squirrels. Pawhaha!

I was just so excited, that I got between the mom’s feet, got tangled up with my Happy Tail and she fell down face first in the recycle can and broke her shoulder. Owie!  Sorry Mom!  I didn’t mean to!I say that a lot, especially after I chew up their Favorite Stuff! Paw haha!
Called Bree-stroy, or Bree-struction.

Thank you for allowing me to share my first tail on ” Wus Up Pup?”

As I Bree-come a better stealthy spy, I will report often on their daily activities. They won’t nose.

Today’s Bree-quest:
LIVE ALOHA/PAW-LOHA and please paws often to say thank you! Gratitude is my attitude!
And Ruff is love.
❤ Bree

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


    1. I have lot of energy!
      Please see the video on THE ZOOMIES! MusicMama says that I could bree an alternate source of energy, like wind and sun.
      If she could find a way to
      utilize my Zoomi-ness!

  1. You are in fine company because our dog, Duke, is a rescue dog too! We found him at the local shelter and knew he was meant to become part of our family. He’s getting old now but we love him as much as your family is sure to love you.

  2. Cute concept, photos & fun stories. What’s not to like? My last dog was in 2005 and is now romping in that great & glorious dog-park in the sky. She says she’s learning Chinese & Vietnamese to keep up with the massive influx from that part of the world. But also says that you should see all of them doing Tai Chi on the opalescent clouds in the early morning light. Glorious!

    1. I hope your last dog who is romping in the dog park in the sky is playing with the woofers my family has had to say goodbye to. Sundance, from when Musicmama was a teenager through her late 20’s, Sunni who was the family’s first dog, saw the kids as toddlers to teens, and the Queen of all, Jessie who took over the family after Sunni, made it through the teenage years all the way to age 16. They are in some of my other tails. I do hope they have good treats up there!
      Thank you Mr Kurt!
      You should get another woofer for here! 😇🐶😘

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