One of my favorite times of day is when my family comes home. Both DD and Q OF U have full time jobs, but they usually come home around the same time every day.

There is a myth out there that woofers can’t tell time. You can be gone 10 minutes or 10 hours and it does feel the same to us. You were gone. So you will still get the same woofy welcome at the door. Unbridled Bree-joy!

Bark bark bark even when MM says to stop. We have different woofs for different things. “Woof! There is a stranger at the door!” Woof! There is activity on our street.” And the quite unique bark for, a family member is home. “Wooof!”

Be-paws I spend many hours, or minutes, but who is counting! on my special couch perch by the window, I nose who is coming.

Another myth is that we woofers only see in black and white, but how would a hooman ever know? I nose DD drives a blue car, Q of U’s is black, MM and the Bears are white. Maybe it is the shape or sound of the car? Or maybe, I nose it is 5:30.

I do not get as excited when MM and the Bear go out. Their times are unpredictable. And sorry, MM, you  work from home so we are used to having you around. And Bear is training to be a pilot so his schedule depends on many factors, including the weather. Ha! It is raining! Bear will be home. And maybe the Princess Bear will come visit.

After the ruckus of greeting them home, I love to listen, for spy festing, when MM asks:

” How was your day?” I do not pupper-stand words like, “deposition” or ” voir dire” or “allegedly”.

But I understand when my poor little Q of U talks about the “angry mobs’ she has to deal with every day at her job at the Free Legal/ Beagle Clinic. You would think if people are getting a professional service like that for free, they would be nicer!

Q of U Bree-splained the peeps get pup-set and anxious about their legal issues so they are not very patient.

I thought a restraining order was for woofers, but apparently the peeps need them to keep the perps away.

So paw-lease come home safely, from your Very Important Jobs, we are waiting in pup-ticipation, with woofing joy and wagging tails. It is a grr-eat moment for me and The Other One to greet you and hear about your day. You make us so happy, and we want to make you happy too. Except MM, who seems to be quite irritated with our woofing.

Uh, don’t bother looking for that rain boot, the Other One might have chewed on it a little. Pawhaha?

Bree-quest: when you have a grr-eat family, don’t forget to tell them you love/ruff them at least once a day!

Bree-loha! 🐶😘❤😎😇👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You really have a way with words and phrases……you have me laughing all the time because I can relate to the dog thinking with mine…..

  2. Dogs definitely know the time of day. They look forward to the time you return from work. They are a part of your life. You are their entire life.

  3. I love that pups react if you’re gone 10 minutes or 10 hours…exactly the same! So true. This will resonate with dog lovers everywhere! Loved it!

    1. It’s so true, Denise. They just want you to be home, and are so happy to see you coming up the driveway. Sometimes, they even get the ZOOMIES!

  4. It’s so wonderful to have great people like you in the world. You’re baby is lucky to have you. And you are lucky to have your fur baby

    1. Thank you from my music mama for your kind words! Your comment is very Bree-preciated.
      Do you have a “fur baby” woofer?
      I think he/she is a lucky pup to have YOU!

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