“ALOHA friends! Thank you for the get well wishes so far. I will be looking forward to more and have Musicmama read them to me. I just got out of the puppy hospital Valentines Day night.
I am still hurting and it will take quite a while to recover. But my O’hana is taking good care of me. I love ❤ them so much!

Shhh. They don’t know that each one of them are sneaking me treats! I got ice cream, 🍨 cheese bits🧀 , croissant 🥐 bites, extra crack, and some tasty turkey 🦃!

How I am I supposed to lose the extra weight that the mean vet said I have to lose that I gained when I couldn’t walk or exercise because of the injury?
And now because the mean surgeon cut my leg up and now I can’t even walk at all!

My family, Bear 🐻 mostly, has to carry me around so I can go outside! I feel kind of dopey still, so I am grateful for my hoomans. I don’t want to be a burden, or any extra trouble. Sometimes, we all need help.

I was sad to hear on the TV 📺 MAGIC Box more sad news. So my condolences to grieving families. I wish all of you hoomans:  Peace , Safety, Comfort, Healing,  and ❤Love above all. Paw-lease love !

Meanwhile, I will concentrate on healing. And dream of simple things like walking 🚶🏻 soon. I am grateful to be here! ALOHA! Bree-loha!

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  1. So glad you maintain your positive attitude, Bree! You must let those hoomans keep caring for you. They love you and we all need to practice love and care taking everyday. You’ll be running and your svelte self real soon.
    Woof-woof from Wisconsin. (Be happy you can receiperate in the warm California sun and not here.❄️☃️). xxoo

    1. Thank you my sweet Ms Denise.
      You are so pawsome!
      I am YOUR # 1 fan!! And I bree-ly love how you care about me and my family.
      Stay warm! Aloha! 🌴❤️💕🌺

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