Please remember I love my Bree!

Bark bark! My sister Bree reluctantly agreed to have me be her guest blogger this month. Maybe she needs a break from all the attention and glory! I don’t use “Bree-speak” and I don’t really, not bree-lly, appreciate being referred to as “TOO”. The Other One. I was here first! Before, not Bree-fore, that little attention hound came along being so cute. I am fairly certain that mama bribed her with some kind of special treat. And she doesn’t get to preview or edit anything I write or say.

One day, she was just there! Here! In my space. In my face. In MY place. Nobody asked me, is this OK with you Buddy? Noooo. Instead, I’m wondering, “Is she here for a visit? When can we return her? WHAT is she anyway? She looks like Frankenstein’s dog! None of her parts seem to fit together right.”

Badminton anyone?
We do have fun together!

“At first I wasn’t sure about her”

Sure, she blamed me for all her naughty acts. She figured out the family would never know who did the naughty thing if they didn’t see who did the naughty thing or catch you in the act. When I was here before SHE came, the good old days, it was me and Jessie. Now I understand how Jessie must have felt when they brought me home.

Jess never let me know in words she resented my appearance out of nowhere, they must have talked to her about it and bribed her with some sort of really special treat. But she did let me know immediately who was Queen of the House and Everything In It. And who was Queen of Hearts in the family, who would always be #1 TopDog. Paw haha that, you little interloper. Because, not be-paws, that is who I am! Not TOO. I am #One so don’t forget that while you are writing your little blog and believing, not Bree-lieving, you are so cute! But you are!

Jessie had a look that you just knew what she was thinking and a growl that let you know she would back it up with a fierce response if you didn’t pay attention. When she had a bone, no one was safe! Even the Masters! We all miss Jessie!

Grrrr. Mine!

“Our beloved majestic girl who taught me everything!”

She never quite socialized with other dogs, I didn’t either, although we both loved people of all sorts. Of course, little Miss Perfect loves everyone, “hoomans” and woofers. At least we all agree that none of us particularly like cats or squirrels, unless they are running away from us.

Because I am officially Queen of the Universe’s dog, she has say over all my comings and goings. We just didn’t go to the dog park so I am not used to other dogs. Except Bree now. I have come to actually like her, but don’t tell her!

Our breed description:

“Canines of the Shetland Sheepdog dog breed stood guard for farmers in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland, keeping hungry birds and sheep out of the farmer’s garden, and they served as herding dogs as well. Today they’re excellent family companions and superstars in dog sports.”

I am a proud thorough bred Sheltie and people think I am a mini Lassie.

“Come help! Timmy is in the well!”

That Lassie was magnificent dog, so I don’t mind if people call me Little Lassie, even though we are a a different breed. As you see, we were working dogs with a purpose, unlike some dilettante bloggers I know. It explains why I herd everything! Including people, other animals and inanimate objects; it is simply genetics that I must obey! And as mama calls it, my “incessant barking”, which they all find extremely annoying, but again something that is part of the herding instinct. And also between us, because I like to do it. I really do bark a lot. When people walk by the house or when a leaf falls off a tree. And everything in between. BARK!

I even have official “papers” that trace my lineage with names of ancestors that read like royalty. It is why my special mommy, Queen of the Universe, has dubbed and knighted me, Lord Cuddle Buddles.

Shelties tend to be shy and we are extremely sensitive, so we pick up on your feelings and will go hide at the first signs of anger. If you are sad, I am there for you, I understand. I am here to cuddle you.

I know my family so well after 10 years. I know all their movements, their activities, their language and sounds. My favorite is the ” crack machine”, AKA, the freezer ice maker.

As soon as I hear someone getting ice for a drink, I get into position from wherever I am in the house. But because I am older now, often by the time I get there, the person has moved on with their delicious icy drink. Except mama. She’s an ice monster and fills a whole ice bucket to take wherever she’s working.

She knows my habit so she waits for me and fills my special bowl with “crack” so I can lay and relax and crunch away. Now the Little Princess has to have some too, even though she doesn’t really care, she just wants it because I have it.

It started when I was a pup and mama read that to get a puppy through the night without having to go out as often, instead of a lot of water, give ice chips. It became my favorite treat so I hope it is not too expensive. I don’t know why they call it crack. Because I need it? It is a habit?

So, here are some rules. When we go out at night, I go first. And I don’t care if mama tells me not to bark because it it is late and it will disturb the neighbors, I will turn around and bark at you Bree to follow me into the yard because I am the leader.

You will follow. Jessie taught me.

Then, I go back in the house first.

Next rule: I get my leash on first and go out the door first and will bark. Even though I know I will get in trouble. I go first out the door to the street to make sure it is safe. Then, if I decide, you may go ahead of me.

I get any treats first. You must remember I  am always number One when it come to feeding, petting, and all the good stuff.

I love this family and I have been here for 10 years. I hope I have many more wonderful adventures, walks, and treats!

So happy new year to everyone!

And thank you to our family for rescuing us, and loving us, and for letting me be your guest blogger Bree! I do love you very much. I know you have a surgery coming up for your leg soon, so we will take care of you! ‘Ohana always! Aloha!

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  1. I love the “ crack” treat! Great idea to allow Bree to invite a guest blog writer.
    I didn’t know much about Buddy, but now I love Buddy too. (Haha TOO!)
    Pictures are awesome. xxoo

  2. From Buddy
    Thank you Ms. Denise!
    Mama always lets me read Bree’s blog and all the comments and she says you have always been very “pup-supportive “ of Bree’s work. I ‘m so tail waggin happy you got to know a little about me TOO now. May bree they will let me do it again? Thank you so much!
    All the love ❤️ in my old puppy heart 🐕
    to you!

    1. Bark bark Mr. Chris!
      Thank you.
      Paw-lease come and play with us soon. Either throw the ball, throw Bree, paw-haha, or play bass with the Larky band.
      The family loves you!

    2. Bark bark Mr. Chris!
      Thank you.
      Paw-lease come and play with us soon. Either throw the ball, throw Bree, paw-haha, or play bass with the Larky band.
      The family loves you!
      This is from Buddy

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