I mentioned that my favorite one of Musicmama’s songs is “FURRY ELISE” For those of you who were “forced” to take piano lessons, you may recognize the play on words from ” Für Elise”, Beethoven , around your 2CD year of study.

And on the coloring book page you can download that goes with the hamster song, Pepe is “Hayden ” under the keys! Do you think he can hide better? May-Bree you can draw him a new “Hayden” place!!!

And I say forced, be-paws a lot of hooman children seem to dislike piano lessons! Please see entry, “MRS JOHNSONS CHIHUAHUA ” for more. I don’t know why! You guys have the purr-fect paws for piano, guitar, and all kinds of grr-eat music making instruments!

“The worlds best hamster wheel!”

Paww-leese see our free download for ” MAKING MUSIC” it will teach you and your children about all the instruments in an orchestra. And we will also offer the song you just heard, “FURRY ELISE”, still my favorite of mama’s songs she wrote and sings.

For ” MAKING MUSIC”, download go to following site, click on music, go to CD on your right, “DINOSAURS MUSICAL DAY “, and click on free download, “MAKING MUSIC”

Furry Elise was written for a pet hamster the family had. Bear would put her on the piano keys, and she would run up and down 88 keys, making music. Or as MM said, Another annoying pet! Al-bree-it, a talented one!

The only pets she doesn’t seem to mind are the fish. They are very quiet.

And I don’t know why she keeps giving those squirrels peanuts! And
we are not allowed outside when those pesky squirrels are eating.

“Dodger” peanuts no less for them!

I can not repeat all the hamster stories, except to say they are fragile little critters and need extra attention and care! I am sure you have had your own experiences. Pets of all kinds , including us woofers, will always need you! If you have a tail to tell, I hope you will share it in a comment. All critter stories welcome!

I don’t want to complain, but like my MM, I have had some medical issues lately. MM calls me “defectadog” be-paws I apparently came with genetic “challenges!”

I can lay down with my legs out like a frog!  MM says I should not go to France, lest I be mistaken for an actual frog!

But it also seems that my legs are vulnerable to injury. So I will have to be going in for a surgery on my back leg soon. Bear likes to take me with him on his skateboard adventures and I love running beside him! We are paw-some together!

But like MM, who had to give up ice skating, skiing, tennis and any other sport she loved due to “Defectaknees”, I may have to pass on being the skateboard wing man!
I want to run and play again, so I am SO lucky my family is going to pay for my surgery, IMPORTANT NOTE! What do families do if they barely have enough money to pay for the hoomans? We need to have affordable health care for everyone!

Including some sort of pet insurance that will cover all woofer needs!

And  see, “FACE YOUR FEARS” paw-lease! I will have to be brave for my upcoming surgery! So can you should you need a surgical procedure. I hope you don’t have “frog legs!”

I have never been a political animal, but it seems obvious to me that we need to fix this health care so that families can afford to keep all of their family members, and woofers healthy so we can all Bree-N-joy our lives!

I went with my FF when they voted last November, but I was not registered to vote, so I watched from outside when all 4 of my FF came out and MM told me, she finally got to vote for the first female president in history! I woofed: What took so long?

And now it seems it will take longer. Come on girls! Let’s represent!

I don’t know what is going to happen but it seems like almost every day now, there is more news to be pup-set about. So aside from my few Bree-servations, I shall remain politically neutral and trust that you hoomans can work it out.Paw-lease! POLITIX is not one of my trix. But I am available to bite any bad guys! My Bree-quest today is more a wish for you, my reader buddy. I wish you good health and joyful days of Bree-ing-ness!

God Bless, get some rest, practice forgiveness, no stress, happiness, all the best, friendliness, helpfulness, kindness, goodness, I wish you success, and the answer is: YES!”

Dinosaur’s Musical Day Color to Music

By: Jeanine Michaels & Morgan Green

(Free Coloring Page Download)

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Thank you! Furry Elise would have loved that ride!
      Have you been on it?
      I don’t meet the height requirements to go on a Ferris Wheel! Mama says she hopes your bloggie is doing well, and she will recommend it for helpful tips of the tail.

  1. I do like the incorporation of musical day songs and pages!
    Bree is such a funny personality…..ahem….I guess she gets that from MM, huh?

    1. Thank you Mr. Jim!
      Musicmama says you play piano too! Furry Elise is playing in Hamster Heaven currently,
      but she would have loved to duet with you!

  2. Woof woof back to you ! I did not know you speak Bree-zeese!
    Thank you for your comments!
    MM tells me you have a tail to tell on your woofer. Please share with
    Musicmama in etail
    /email, and we want to share it ! Also, any other dog parents,
    please share your tails of your woofer experiences! Thank you!

  3. Woofy Thank you Ms talented Jill!
    You have fine taste in music and mama says you love woofers too!
    We bree-pree-ciate your visit and your comment. Good luck on your creative works! We paw—lways ❤️ 🐶 tails! 🎼

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