My MusicMama, who is the hooman who helps me translate my blog,
was an actor before she married my DorsalDad. She worked on a lot of TV shows in the 1980s and has a lot of credits from those days! 🎭

Her first job to get her SAG card was on a movie called “The Trial of Billy Jack”, at 18 on location in Arizona. What happens in Arizona stays in Arizona. Her last role was on a TV show called “Beverly Hills 90210″
There are a lot of tails to tell in between. But she won’t tell.

She was, and still, is also a singer/songwriter. She traveled around the world singing in venues from an Israeli army base in the Sinai desert, Sharm-el-shek, to playing in some rather interesting bands in different styles of music. Jazz hands. 👐🏼🎶😎🎤
Those tails definitely stay in the band.

I ruff her songs! My favorite is about a piano playing hamster called
” Furry Elise.”She created music CDs for children and families, “Dinosaurs Musical Day” and one for grownup Hoomans “One Light”. 🌎🌜🌅⭐

MM taught music classes at Beckford Elementary School in Northridge, CA where one of the other teachers called her classes “Lively and fun” Another paw-haha! I would have loved to see MM with 30 six year olds!  😱😂

When you read my blog, you will see she loves animals and being a wife and mama these days. Hey!
Where are the grandchildren?  👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👯

She Bree-lieves in loving all people, kindness, humor, and taking care of our big bree-u-tiful world. It is called,“Living Aloha!”

“Photography by Musicmama with guest appearance from Jonathin A. Seagull”


We will post her new redesigned website soon, when ready. But you can still see information on her music.
The older version of
is almost as old as she is, paw-haha!

And on this site, we will be offering a free music download!

And, we are offering a space for fellow animal rescuers to use if you have a rescue in need of a forever home. Use the comments section with contact information and maybe a photo. Mama and I hope we can help! 🐶😺

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  1. We will be adding a music download soon for my favorite song, ” FURRY ELISE”
    Please come visit again soon to hear this 🎶 music from my
    For now, if you go to entry
    “MICHAEL” there is a song there,
    We hope you enjoy the music, as you read my puppy blog! Tip of the tail: listen to song after you read the story paw-lease.
    Then it will make more sense and you will not be distracted!
    Bree-loha! And thank you!

    1. I Bree-preciate your nice comment. Thank YOU for sharing my pup tails.
      Hope to see you again soon, and bring your woofers!
      I am grr-earful for your

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