As little pups and little hoomans, we learn to face our fears. Be-paws if you don’t, you will be afraid for years of fears. And it seems like just when you conquer one, there is another one lurking, but don’t be afraid. We CAN do it.

I am still learning to face my fears.
My biggest fear used to be on Mondays, when the Monster Garbage trucks would come. 3 separate Huge
Horrible Monsters to pick up the neighborhood trash, recycle and yard debris cans. Again, sorry Musicmama, I tripped you into the recycle can and you, or I did, depending on who is telling
the tail, broke your shoulder. It is really the Monsters fault!

When I was a little pup, I would run and hide from them, quivering and quaking in fear. I would run to safe shelter under the bed, barely able to peek out. The Terrible Truck
Monsters would shake the ground,
and when you live in earthquake terrior-tory, you have justifiable reason to fear!

“What was that noise! Ha! I am going to stay on top of the bed!”

But my Bear taught me not to Bree-s
afraid, that the Monsters would not hurt me or my family and they would come every Monday. So I would have to accept the things I can not change, and Bree a big girl.

So I may never like it, but I don’t have to hide anymore! I just bark at the
Monsters to let them nose I don’t like them. Although I nose they can’t hear me over their Noxious Noise!
So I will not let them become a Thing

Bear and DorsalDad said they aren’t
afraid of anything. Except Musicmama. Paw haha.

Queen of the Universe is afraid of bees. Be-paws she has been stung a few times. Ouch! She says they hunt her, stalk her and wait for her to come outside. One even stung her in the house, so may-bee she is right.

” MM took this picture to show Q of U how close you can get to a bee without bee-ing stung. Lucky!”

A lot of hooman pups seem to have childhood fears of the closet, or under the bed. Trust me, under the bed is where I hide, so it is safe. You can always ask a grown-up dog to check for you.

And, DD can come and organize your closet next time he gets the ZOOMIES, so it will be organized and you know exactly what is in there!
See the entry, THE ZOOMIES.

So listen to mama, dad, or a trusted care person when they tell you how to be safe.
” Don’t talk to strangers”
“Look both ways when you cross the street and or hold someone’s paw”
Don’t run with scissors”
Although, MM’s brother used to do that until he lost his scissor privelages.
Things like this are good advice and there are more safety rules you can follow. Once you feel safe, then trust your instinct and intuition.

It is that inner voice that can guide you whether to use caution when proceeding. Just some “tips of the tail” from your friend Bree to help you face your fears.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” Franklin D. Roosevelt

My mama also taught me to try and remember my puppy dreams be-paws she says your subconscious can often tell you things you need to pay attention to that sometimes when you are awake, you mind has too many squirrels (our expression for daily thoughts) running around in there! My FF says that when The Other One and I sleep, our little legs look like we are running! Paw haha.
We are just dream chasing squirrels!

A last note on fears, most of us are afraid to fail. But you won’t succeed unless you try it, so sometimes you may think you failed. But that is also how we learn. Keep trying!

Face your fears!
Then run , if you have to.
I have room to shelter under the bed.

Or you can always get a nice hug if you need one to be brave!”

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Woofy greetings Riley!
      Can you send me a photo for my upcoming photo only entry of all my woofer friends? No cats allowed, paw- haha!

  1. This one in particular strikes me as an excellent story for children. I hope Moms and Dads are reading them to their kids. How great to know a fur buddy has fears too. Wonderful message!

  2. PS Queen of the Universe was also afraid of Pepe Johnson! In addition to the aforementioned beee’s!
    Please see “MRS. JOHNSON’s
    CHIHUAHUA ” and listen to the song Musicmama wrote so Q of U wouldn’t
    Bree-s scared anymore.

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