Warning! Not for those who are lactose intolerant! But I have other ideas for you.

I love cheese!

Someone sent a Facebook message to my Musicmama asking her advice about how much cheese to add to her recipe. She nose MM is from Wisconsin kind of, and is familiar with cheese.

I say,
Always “put cheese on that”! It is only a question of what kind of cheese. You have to go with a mozzarella or Parmesan with tomato based dishes.
Spaghetti, soups or lasagne. Then you need at least 3 cheeses: mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan. Musicmama makes grr-eat lasagna.
She cooks the sauce all day and the kitchen smells paw-some.

Cheddar for Mexican, or chili, and grilled cheese sandwiches with apples.  Gruyere for French Onion Soup of course, Brie if you are trying to be elegant with your crackers for an appetizer or Edam, my preference … But who really likes Brie? But everyone loves Bree! Paw haha, I hope!

Then you have your various cream cheeses for bagels, plain, whipped or flavored with onion, savory, or strawberry and other fruits, sweet.  And in twice baked potatoes which must be topped with cheddar and broiled! And your classic tuna melt needs a good cheddar.

Buffalo mozzarella on tomatoes from the garden with basil leaves on top.
String cheese with V-8 juice as a heathy snack, and shaved Parmesan for Caesar salad.

We have a new song called: “Swiss, Gouda, Pepper Jack”
All are grr-eat for meals or a snack! 🎶

And lately, markets carry those pre-shredded or grated bags of various cheeses, which are convenient if you don’t have time to slice, grate or shave. Paw haha, not with a razor like with your hooman face or legs, the Parmesan shaver thingy.

Can you tell my MM Is from Wisconsin? We like our cheese! Although, I do NOT believe in ” cheese curds” or frying cheese.
It has enough calories and taste without frying it too!

And no Cheetos, because that is not cheese. It is cheating. Don’t forget Mac and cheese! Homemade is the best, but hooman children seem to like those easy to prepare boxes.

They can take pride that they “made it themselves ”
Just keep an eye on your little chefs around boiling water or gas stoves! I hear they can even get hurt on an electric burner!

I wouldn’t nose, I can’t reach that far. I pup-pose I will have to create kitchen havoc another way! I can create a distraction if they leave their bowls unattended.

And the blue cheeses, that my family like, PLEASE  do not put in my feeder bowl, yuck! But they like the lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing and bacon crumbles. When someone makes that, I lay near the prep table waiting for one of those tasty bacon bits to fall on the floor. Floor score!

MM makes a blue cheese dip their guests like. And goat cheese in a warm salad with pecans, wild greens, sliced apples and raspberry vinegrette.
Hungry yet?

Then there is cottage cheese, but I am not sure that belongs in the cheese category. I would eat it though, if you mix it in with my Krabbles and Bits.
MM eats it when she is “dieting” with grapefruit, or with sliced pineapple.

How do I nose so much about recipes and cheese? I watch everything that comes out of the big magic box in the kitchen. I like the sound of the chopping and all the tasty smells. The best is always a floor score and you always have to be paying attention to snatch it up in time.

Or you will hear that dreaded word, NO! Not for you. And then your “other name” Stop that”! What mama? You’re not going to eat something that drops on the floor, are you?
We will! We are just saving you from the broom! Shudder and shake.

And then, why 5 minutes later do you look at our pathetic little begging faces and offer a cheese scrap?
A last note on cheese. When my FF has to give us medications, they wrap it up in cheese, like we don’t know what is lurking in there.

So the “OTHER ONE” will not eat American cheese slices anymore.
Be-paws that is the one they used to hide her meds! Paw-haha more for me!

Breequest; enjoy a nice grilled cheese sandwich today! Maybe with some tomato soup. With fresh basil leaves on top if you have a garden. I like French bread for mine, but you can use any of your favorite breads.

Oh no! “Bread” might have to be a new entry after “Cheese Please” I am not a culinary expert and there are so many sites and blogs with tasty recipes, I will leave that to the experts. I will stay with family spy observations.
But couldn’t resist sharing my favorite treat, cheese, with you.

Unless you are, as I have heard the word, “lactose intolerant!” 😱
Oh no!!! Does that mean you can’t eat cheese?  You mutts/must find a substitute. I guess you lactose intolerant hoomans can’t have milk, yogurt or ice cream? Sorry.

Are vegans allowed cheese? What do you guys eat? I nose the general rule is like vegetarians, nothing with a face. MM had a friend who was a vegan/raw food chef. She has since passed but used to bring MM raw treats where you don’t miss the cooking part. She used to make raw sprouted cashew milk dressings.

But you lactose intolerant can have gelato or shave ice or sorbets? Almond milk (yum)?
But… There is no substitute for cheese!

And lettuce not forget, cheesecake!
Nom Nom.
Although I am not sure how much of that tasty treat is cheese .

In Europe, desert is often cheeses with apples or other fruit, after the salad, which comes after the main course.

I see in the USA, cheese often is served first with crackers and crudités, then salad, then main course.

May Bree those Europeans have the order correct for digestion , but in France they eat snails and frog legs!
See previous post on my frog legs!

“I am not a frog, please don’t try and eat me!”

If you have a suggestion for the poor hoomans who can’t eat cheese, or,
Shudder and Shake, don’t like it,
please leave your idea in my comment section that follows.

But, no Spam mam,
And no tofu please
just cheese!

Go easy on adding, it is not a diet food. And make sure you are also getting a lot of fiber. 25 grams a day is the recommended goal, but with processed food these days,  you may want to add a supplement fiber.

MM had diverticulitis and required surgery. So she is now a fiber expert. We call her the Queen of Fiber. But she still loves her cheese. Luckily for us, the floor score experts!

I forgot to add cheese fondue!
No only tasty, but a grr-eat way to share a dish. It is a social event around the main ingredient besides bread pieces,

Bree- loha!

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It made me hungry!
    All dogs love cheese, especially Wisconsin dogs…..but we hate that “plastic cheese” wrapped in individual wrappers. Ugh, BUT for some reason little kids and old 72 year old men, like plastic cheese. Woof to that!
    Thanks, Bree, for some good cheesy ideas, and I dare anyone to say this was a “cheesy” entry!

    1. Paw haha Ms Denise!
      You are so right about that yucky plastic cheese. And you got to make the first cheesy joke!

      Oh you Cheeseheads out there in Wisconsin. I pup-pose heaven to you would be: a great beer ( MM said her Waupaca friends liked Point beer from nearby Stevens Point), some form of cheese snack and a Green Bay Packers game! What am I missing for total heaven? Of course, sharing with friends or a Steve critter.
      Bree-loha and thank you. 🌹

      PS Your last name?
      How do you pronounce that?
      Larky? 😂

  2. Got your test.
    Thank you Mr. Joshua for helping me and Musicmama post another entry with photos.
    Why am I suddenly craving cheese? Paw haha! 🍴🍷
    Let’s see if your comment goes to MM’s email. That would be
    paw-some so we don’t miss any new comments.

  3. You’re not only a beautiful dog but obviously vastly superior in the intelligence and taste department too since you love cheese! What a treat to have a mama who knows and cooks with cheese – all dogs should be so lucky. My personal favorite is Havarti Dill – but I never met a cheese I didn’t like.

    BTW – I really like the new look of your home page! Looks great.

  4. Thank you Ms Shelley for your lovely comment! It is grreatly appreciated , and we are thankful that you visited and liked the entry. Hmmm, Havarti dill. I don’t think I have floor scored that one yet. Do you serve it as an appetizer? Or do you have a recipe on your blog I can check out?
    I am glad you guys in Ohio like cheese. I am pup-spicious of people who don’t “care for” cheese. I understand if you are lactose intolerant, but not to like it? Tsk tsk! More for us!

    1. Meow-loha to you too Ms Jean and Mr./Ms Kitty! How creative of you to apply Meow to Aloha. Now cat critters have their own way to say it, and spread the love! ❤️🌈

      I must say I Bree-ly don’t understand cats yet, my brother is a woofer and the only felines I nose are from my spy perch by the window or on walks.

      Thank you for your comment on Cheese! Of course you must include Monterrey Jack in Mexican cooking! With cheddar and cojito? Will check and write a PS.

      Can cats safely eat cheese? If not, more for you! Unless it was on the floor. Woofers don’t care how long it was on the floor, but don’t you hoomans have. ” 10 second ” rule?
      Paw haha and Bree-loha 😘😻

    2. Ms Jean
      We hope you get this!
      We went to your wonderful site and tried to comment but it goes through Google, so it didn’t go through? Advice?

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