Poor Music mama! She is the one doing all the work today for the lazy Bree who should be blogging herself. Bree has not written an entry in several years, so she is older now. She asked me to be her assistant so I will be posting the first new post on her website WUSUPPUPS.COM By the way, I have my own website now: I created it by myself and have been working on it for the last month every day and every night, literally. There are many nights where I don’t sleep at all and I’m not even sure what day it is anymore. I think today is Monday!

I was going to try and copy all of her entries and add them to my own blog, but then I found out how I can do it on her blog. Is anybody else confused yet? Too many blogs! Not enough assistants to write them and manage them. Since Bree is taking a nap right now, she doesn’t have much to say but will next time. So I will include some pictures and if I can, an incredible video that I just created called: “IT’S A DOGS WORLD/WE JUST LIVE IN IT”   I hope all of Brees fans will enjoy her new future posts. I may occasionally add a comment or two so I hope you don’t mind. Bree is a better writer than I am, at least she has a superior sense of humor, she says. Please take care of yourselves and each other, stay safe, be kind, be brave and remember:


What, does she think she’s an actor now?

Well, my video was too big to upload here. So you’ll just have to go to my website to see it! Please go to my Video page and look for: “its a dogs world.” I know you will love it! I star in almost all the videos.

Paw ha-ha 🐾😀. But I’m going to add some photos of our family, the rescue puppies a.k.a. clown circus, and some photos of our cabin in the mountains.

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