which I paw-lways  use
at the end of my doggie bloggies.

I thought the definitions might help you pupper-stand why we Bree-spire to ” live aloha!”

ALOHA!  Ohana is family ,
Hoapili is a close friend, and
and Hoaloha is friend, gift.

All family and friends are gifts!

Although “Aloha” is most commonly used as a hello or goodbye greeting, meaning with love and Aloha spirit…
The exact translation is:
To consciously manifest life, joyously in the present. ALOHA! 🌈
And from Bear, who studied the  Hawaiin language and culture at University of Manoa:

“Aloha is my favorite word in any language. It’s a word that encompasses so much and it’s one of those words whose true meaning is lost in translation. I love this definition of the word and it holds as true as any definition I’ve seen. Aloha is a philosophy. It’s a feeling, an expression of emotion. To live with aloha is to live with love, respect and empathy.”

Check out the Hawaiian dictionary’s definitions:

Aloha: nvt., nvs. love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity; greeting, salutation, regards; sweetheart, lover, loved one; beloved, loving, kind, compassionate, charitable, lovable; to love, be fond of; to show kindness, mercy, pity, charity, affection; to venerate; to remember with affection; to greet, hail.

Bree thinks, this Aloha is the way to live life! It is all about the love/ruff!

Imagine the world if we could all live this way! No mo fussing or fighting.

My Forever Family loves Hawaii, it is their favorite place to V&V, vacation and visit. Musicmama reads books, snorkels, swims and looks at pretty island treasures and art.

DorsalDad sleeps a lot, but he also brings his Bree-fcase to do some work while on V&V, be-paws he just can’t stop working! He says he will never ever retire ever. MM says, “Who brings a briefcase to vacation? MM is always “nagging” him about wearing sun screen. Tip of the tail: You hoomans of all colors must wear sunscreen! They are both certified scuba divers, but there are some funny stories about DD diving!

+ Song: “GIVE UP THE LEMONS FOR DE LIMES” or pineapple!

SONG: Give Up The Lemon For The Lime – Jeanine Michaels x Heartlight Music Band

Bear surfs constantly, Queen of the Universe loves to read.  They all play tennis in the mornings, but the last 2 years, MM has to have the tennis pro hit the ball to her be-paws she can’t run anymore with her “bad” knees! But she likes to smack the ball around. She says it relieves stress.

They walk on the beach, sail and explore the Bree-Utifull island.
And the fresh fish and up country produce is delicious, they say. I wouldn’t nose be-paws I and The Other One have to stay home!
Oh, but don’t worry, FF. we are Bree-having ourselves. Paw-haha.
Just make sure you bring me back something good to chew up!

Be-paws, we would never chew up your stuff when you leave us at home.

MM and DD went to Maui the first time in 1980, fell in love with Hawaii and considered moving there. DD would take the HI state board and practice law. I am not sure why he still has to practice, after 30 years, he should be pretty good at it.

And MM could sing with any of the great bands that play venues all over the island. She has a talent for singing in other languages  and DD would be a paw-some attorney anywhere.

Fate had other plans and they stayed in Los Angeles, going back whenever possible to V&V. Although DD told me he had a hard time getting MM to pack up and leave. Harder every year.

I wonder what my Woofer life would have been like running free on a pretty beach with my fur flying in the trade winds? Oh, wait. I don’t have fur, the Other One does.  Enuff fur for 4 pups. It is a veritable fur-fest on him. And all over the house. Is that Other One over there? No, it’s just a fur pile.

MM and Bear found their spe-shell ‘Aumakua while snorkeling at Black Rock one year. An “Aumakua”  is your spe-shell animal spirit guide.They were exploring in Green Sea Turtle terrior-tory and came upon a wise majestic sea turtle, called in Hawaii, a Honu. Honu came to greet them, whispered something secret in turtle talk, and let them touch her glittering shell. Paw-some!

There is a state law that says you Hoomans are NOT allowed to touch the turtles. Be-paws too many grabby paws can injure them. So paw-lease remember that if you are lucky enuff to swim near a Honu, you can look and admire him,  but do not touch.

They are an endangered species and you mutts paw-lways have respect for all creatures and the environment. Plus, they have Very Sharp Razor mouths and can bite your paw off!

This tail I tell was an unusual magical experience in ke kai, the sea, that MM and Bear will treasure forever,”the day they found their “Aumakua.”

Now, MM collects them. Not real ones, pup-replicas. Queen of the Universe once counted the honus In MM’s room. 44 she said!

MM told her you can’t count painted honus on a dress. She Bree-ly does have a lot of them in there, but at least they are smart enuff not to associate with those crazy clowns. I dare NOT chew on any of them, but some of those stuffed turtles look mighty tasty!

As mentioned, Lucky Pup Bear got to go to the University of Hawaii at Manoa on Oahu for his last 2 years.

Bear minored in surfing, as he spent as much time in ke kai as the classroom! I’d ruff to hear what those lovely island girls have to say about the berry good looking Bear! Now he spends his time in the air, training to bree a pilot! He just got his private pilots license, so may-Bree he can fly me to see this Hawaii place.

IN the air, not to bree confused with “catching air” which he does on his various boards. Making MM nervous. With good bree-son!

The Forever Family all missed him while he was in Paradise and I hear MM cried a lot.
But it was a grr-eat excuse to go back for an extra visit, especially for

his graduation. We were all proud!

MM says, “Always leave somewhere better be paws you were there. Your paw print will remain long after you are gone.” She even cleans up other people’s trash! Eeew.  But we all need to do our part to help keep this one Big Bree-u-tiful world.

Bree-quest: Live Aloha! Paw-loha! Bree-loha! And, paw-lease let me know your thoughts in comment section. This is my longest tail yet.

Copyright © 2017 Jeanine Michaels. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You should work for the Hawaii tourism group!! Lovely Aloha story, with Bree’s take on living an aloha life. If we all could….it would be a wonderful world.
    The music was a delightful added bonus. I played it on a loop and we both felt very “island” happiness. Nice job.

  2. Aloha to all our friends and relatives.
    Bree has captured the spirit of Maui/Hawaii.

    Thank you Bree for giving me a fun and enjoyable break from my long working day but do not give up the lemon for the lime although the song is tropically wonderful.


  3. Bree really expressed the flavor of Hawaii. I liked the pictures too, especially the one of the 3 of you and the rainbow behind palm trees. Well – all of them. And the song. And the story. I didn’t know woofers could write so well.

    1. Woof yes! I would like to see Sids kitty blog. I might even learn to like those feline recline critters. See you soon, and thank you for visiting me!

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